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After finding out the harmful and toxic ingredients used in mass produced artificial cleaners I was keen to find a more eco-friendly way to clean my home. I was relived to find a quick, simple and easy way to avoid using toxic cleaning products and save money in the process. The solution was making my own simple cleaning products, a list of which I have included bellow:

Air Cleaning Tips

* Remove strong odours from the fridge by placing a half cut lemon inside it overnight. Its citrus qualities leave the fridge smelling fresh.
* Open windows instead of relying on air fresheners to smarten the air. Don’t rely on plug in air fresheners because they not only waste electricity but they have been linked to respiratory problems also
* Stud an orange with cloves, it will help keep the air fresh
* Baking soda in your cats litter box will prevent odours from accumulating

Household Cleaning Tips

* Baking soda is a very effective cleaning agent and it can be used for cleaning the bath, sinks, stove and fridges and even hairbrushes and combs
* Use any cuts of old clothes for cleaning the home
* Vinegar can be used for removing hard water spots in the shower stall, cleaning tubs and ceramic tiles, even dirt grouting between your tiles. Just wipe with a sponge and wash away with water
* Use white vinegar on a newspaper to clean windows, the results are better than using ammonia based window cleaners.
* Mix a few drops of tea tree oil into water and use to disinfect surfaces. Tea tree is a natural antiseptic and disinfecting solution
* Use vinegar mixed with hot water to clean floors and remove grease, mix with baking soda for maximum cleaning strength
* Use a half cut lemon with sprinkled baking soda over the cut to scrub dishes, surfaces and stains
* Put around eight teaspoons of baking soda into the toilet bowl and leave over night, the solution will leave your toilet clean and fresh

Fabric Cleaning Tips

* Remove grease stains in fabric by adding baking soda to the laundry, remember to wash delicates separately
* Use vinegar as a natural fabric softener

Using home made cleaning ingredients is a great way to avoid toxic and dangerous chemicals not only for yourself but also the environment. Its also an easy way of reducing what you throw away as well as your carbon footprint, as the cleaning products haven’t had to be manufactured and transported. However if this is just one step to far for your busy lifestyle don’t worry as there is a great range of natural ecological cleaning products available in the marketplace.

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