The Matrix of Time and How to Transcend It


Written by RJ Spina, Contributor
Waking Times

Many people who have already begun to question the very nature of their reality will inevitably come to the persistent yet illusory experience we call time. What is time? How does it work? And why do we experience it in the way that we do?

Some are concerned that we are running out of ‘time’ both individually as well as collectively for our individual and planetary spiritual awakening. Some subscribe to the seemingly obvious notion that time is the enemy and the eventual death of all physical life. The unrelenting march of time traps us all in a downward spiral of entropy, decrepitude and eventual demise. This seems to be the current paradigm Humanity agrees to. And then there are those who simply desire to experience a better time, even for a moment, where chaos, confusion, greed, manipulation and a lack of awareness were not so pervasive.

Somewhere beyond all of this exists what truly is.

So what is time, really? My current level of understanding is that “time” does not exist at all. Simply put, It is a series of “now” moments or events strung together. We experience limited functionality when incarnate and experience or perceive things in a linear, chronological fashion as a series of events rather than in the more accurate, holistic way as the totality of all events and possibilities. In our Energetic State we can go to any single now moment or event “in time” simply by desiring to experience it. Once incarnate, we experience being cut off from our Higher Self and therefore the very existence of The Greater Reality, and cannot experience things as they really are (the totality of everything) but rather in accordance with our low-frequency environment via our low-frequency attuned vehicle (the Human form) predominately through the sensory input of our severely limited five physical senses interpreted by our Human mind.

In Essence, the Human mind experiences and perceives things as limitations by applying the concept of logic and the illusion of linearity (time), which are functions of limited perception themselves, and not how things truly are.

Time is more akin to a continuation of separate and distinct ‘now moments’ with various events demarcating various points within this matrix. We move forward and backward, not time, by the choices we make, creating new possibilities within this framework. “Collective time” or agreed upon time is experienced when we simply interact with others immersed within the same frequential environment. When we experience an altered state of consciousness we don’t experience time in the same way because we are not bound by the five physical senses to construct our reality, which are attuned to our low-frequency environment, or what we call physical reality.

By simply focusing our consciousness on any event point, that becomes the now we experience. Even when we think about the past or think about the future, you can only do it now. In a very real sense, the past, present and future are simply mental concepts; by-products of the limitation inherent in experiencing a specific low-frequency environment within physical reality, rather than the totality of all possibilities we can avail ourselves of when in a higher vibratory state, as in the Energetic.

Think of a radio. There are countless stations (frequencies) playing hundreds of songs right now. Your radio can only play one song at a time yet all these songs on the multitude of different stations are being played right now. Now imagine if your radio could experience ten stations at once and play those ten songs being broadcast in those specific frequencies all at the same time. It would be a blare of unintelligible noise and we would not be able to process any of it.

Similarly, our brain would not be able to process multiple “nows” at the same time either. It would be sensory and information overload and we would simply shut down. Hence, we only have the experience of one “event” or “now” happening and then the next “now” or “event” because this is how are brain is attuned, to this low-frequency environment even though, like the radio can only play or experience one song at a time despite the multitude of songs and genres of music being broadcast concurrently. The radio receives the information (music) that exists at a specific frequency, say 95.9 FM. Similarly, our brain interprets the energy (information) vibrating at our current specific frequency and interprets the information creating the experience of solidity, separation, and physicality (Physical Reality).

So what about energy vibrating at the nearly infinite other sub-frequencies, frequencies and dimensions of The Greater Reality that is not vibrating within the same frequency our physical senses are attuned to?

Let’s imagine a bubble that contains everything in the multiverse, all existence, every frequency and every dimension. Imagine it as a single snapshot, a single now, with everything contained therein. Imagine that bubble touching, sharing a common membrane(s) with another single snapshot of the same entire multiverse, with everything contained therein as well taken in the next fraction of a millisecond or “now” moment. And then another “now” bubble. And another. And so on and so on. Imagine the past, every possible past, the present, every possible present, the future and every possible future in the same way. ‘Now’ bubbles going in every direction, up, down, horizontal, vertical, in every frequency and every dimension ALL existing within the space. Every single possible possibility, the possibility of possible possibilities, be it possible pasts, possible presents or possible futures. We move, not time, through this “space”, these bubbles, based upon our CHOICES but can only consciously experience one single ‘now’ bubble at a time when incarnate based upon the physical vehicle (body and mind) being attuned to a specific lower frequency environment of what we call the physical universe. Hence, we feel trapped by the very ‘concept’ of time. Welcome to the current Human condition!

Imagine these endless separate “now” bubbles, all touching each other, influencing each other, existing within the same “space” as individualized, holographic and parallel “now” moments and/or vibrating at various frequencies and dimensions. Therefore, nearly all of this is invisible to the severely limited perception of the human five physical senses, just as we don’t “see” radio waves or microwaves or hear various frequencies but we know they exist nonetheless. And it is my understanding we know nearly nothing when it comes to the depth and breath of the various states of existence, frequencies, sub-frequencies, sub-sub frequencies and dimensions that energy permeates within our multiverse.

Continue to imagine these endless “now” bubbles in every direction, vibrating in various frequencies and dimension, all occupying the same space, all touching one another, influencing one another, with everything contained therein, all experiencing and expressing everything that could have been, was, is, could be now, will be or possibly could be. We experience our current environment when the Higher Self decides to project a piece of itself (the Soul) for the purpose of experiencing, learning and evolving within a specific lower frequency environment to experience certain “events” or “nows.” The “time” or now moment the Higher Self chooses is based upon what it wants to experience and learn that is afforded within a specific environment. Think of all these different epochs (the 21st century, the Middle Ages, Atlantis, Stone Age) as 3-D green screens that will contain certain “events” for the Soul to experience ITSELF against. We only ever experience ourself with various green screens running its themes and events strung together creating the experience of what we call time. This complete and total History of Humanities experiences, is this not The Akashic Records?

If we had an unread twelve-hundred page novel, and we flipped the book open to page six-hundred and only read that single page, with no knowledge of the first or last six-hundred pages, would we know what this novel is really about? Would we know any of the true depth and scope of this parable? Of course not. Similarly, we are just waking up to a single page, a single moment within the book of our existence.

And as we wake up to this greater level of perception, are we not really waking up to the truer nature and existence of The Immortal Self? Even while incarnate, when we ‘see’ something, do we not experience sight within us? When we ‘hear’ something, do we not experience hearing within us? When we experience the sensation of touch, do we not experience it within us? It’s the same with eating, smelling, thoughts, feelings, experiences, etc. You only ever experience YOURSELF, so what difference does it make what’s on the interchangeable green screen we call the outer world? Just observe and don’t identify with anything or anyone. Once this is directly experienced, NOT intellectually, you are FREE.

When we truly understand our relationship to the FORCE that creates all, destroys all, for all, by all, within all, as all, we will no longer need to run these green screen scenarios and incarnate into the lower frequencies of what we know of as the physical universe. This transcended state of awareness or omniscience is cosmic consciousness or what we call Enlightenment. The various higher levels of functionality within this enlightened state or cosmic consciousness is the domain of The Ascended Masters.

From my own experiences, this is a more accurate understanding of the concept of time and existence of The Greater Reality. Don’t worry about right or wrong, past or future, good or bad. When we understand this framework in its totality, these things are of no consequence. They are products of limited perception.

So what is the point then? If everything is happening concurrently, that means everything has been already accomplished, in every way possible. If everything has been and is being created and destroyed, then what is the point?

To experience the LIMITATION ITSELF. To experience the minutia, every possibility within this limitation whilst cut off from our Higher Self and the awareness of The Greater Reality. To move through it all, every bubble, experiencing every nook and cranny, exhausting all possible possibilities. To choose and CREATE the experience we most fervently desire WITHOUT conscious knowledge of the bigger picture in its totality. As we do this, Source, the creator of our environment and everything contained therein, understands itself better. Ultimately, it is for The Absolute, which created our Source, and Others, to continue its never-ending exploration and understanding of itself, which is certainly not bound by any illusions of perception including time… and neither are you.

The Matrix of time and space can be transcended. How has it come to pass that we are experiencing this limitation of physical reality and the illusion of time? We CHOSE to experience it by agreeing to incarnate into this specific series of events in order to experience, learn and evolve our SENTIENCE.

But what is it that has no limitations whatsoever? Consciousness/Sentience itself. Ours being a direct extension and expression of Source, our God. Which is precisely what a Soul IS. A Divine Spark of this infinite Being. If Source has no limitations, why would we ever imagine we do either?

It was/is your desire and intention to experience this limitation by incarnating and it’s your desire, intention and unwavering WILL that transcends any and all self-imposed limitation through the increasing of your perception and the deepening of your wisdom. When the tiniest morsel of doubt that you are truly unlimited has been shed, you are ready to transcend. It is doubt and doubt alone that throws water on the fire of intention. Have none or don’t waste your energy. Don’t leak all your power on something that your fears and doubts have already predetermined for you. Control your Mind.

This exercise will reveal just how much illusion you believe in. Imagination is the doorway to cosmic consciousness. Close your physical eyes. They see very little as it is. Imagine your third eye opening fully with all personal filters removed. Command this. True Gurus or Spiritual Teachers can help you with this. Using the mentally spoken word, or say it out loud, state your clear intention/command; The location and “time” you desire to experience. Know it within every cell of your body that this is your reality. Your Sentience is what you ARE and can only be controlled by YOU and YOU alone. There are no victims here.

Let go of ALL concepts, expectations and beliefs. Empty your vessel. You are this singular, unwavering focus. Demand that your human mind acknowledge it’s true Master, your Consciousness. Command this.

Summon the courage needed to completely surrender and experience the magnitude of what truly IS.

I am waiting for you there…

You have my enduring love and courage for all eternity.

About the Author

RJ has healed himself from a permanent state of paralysis from the chest down, a lethal infection, multiple diseases and numerous life threatening physical challenges. He has done this in less than 1 year and takes absolutely no medications. He lives on a remote island and teaches meditation, spiritual counseling, advanced classes on how to become Self Realized and performs transformative Healing work, all remotely. He has One objective, the same he has in all of his infrequent incarnations…the freeing of Mankind.

Please visit his website, or email at [email protected].

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