Mind Games: Let it Go

“Drama” is the one thing in this world I cannot stand more than anything else living here in this duality.  And the drama and mind games are running rapid amongst our global movement of awakened hearts.  As you know many of our sources we rely on are either not named for protective reasons, or they are Spirits, Angels and Ascended Masters, or off-worlders communicating through gifted human beings.  None the less it’s impossible to verify the accuracy of any of these sources.

David Wilcock, Benjamin Fulford, Poof/ Zap, Neil Keenan, Cobra etc. have never revealed their sources.  So do we simply just go with everything they say?  Absolutely not! David Wilcock dropped a bombshell this week in his new article that flat out said the Iraqi Dinar revaluation was a complete scam.  Although I do not believe David ever really mentioned the Iraqi reval in the past, many other “sources” have been saying it will happen for a number of years. Many light workers around the world who have trusted and believed those “sources”, and also follow David’s work for years have spent a small fortune on buying this currency with the hopes of having it revalued and to pay it forward.  The plan has been to use the funds to help end the suffering around the world.  I don’t know what the truth is but there are many out there that believe in it while others say it’s a scam.  Let it go.

Then we have the whole battle of D from Removing the Shackles versus Zap.  And no I will NOT even provide links to this. Let it go.

We have many like Neil Keenan attacking the OPPT and SWISSINDO saying it’s a scam.  Let it go.

Even in the channeling communities of Spirits, Angels and Ascended Masters, ET’s etc. we get mixed messages of who to trust and who is a disinfo Cabal agent.  Let it go.

There is clear evidence that the classic divide and conquer methods are at work here.  I have some advice.  Do not get sucked into the drama.  Do not choose sides.  Everyone is playing out their Divine Role in what’s unfolding.  And everything is perfect. How can you even possibly choose sides when you can’t possibly confirm what’s truth?  Unless you personally know these “sources”, you cannot say for sure 100% that they are even real. Do you know the sources of information personally? You can go by what resonates in your heart but even so sometimes we are just going by wishful thinking. In other words whatever magical outcome will be the best outcome for us is what we will say in our hearts is truth.  Let it go.

The time has come to stop sitting around and waiting for some knight in shining armor to come rescue the world.  Now go look in the mirror.  That knight in shining armor is you.  Be the change you wish to see in the world.  Stop fighting over what camp is right and what’s wrong.  Stay out of the drama that’s been unfolding for quite some time.  It’s simply a distraction.

It’s time to let go and get involved with helping the people of our world evolve into a higher state of consciousness.  It starts with doing the internal work first and then not constantly worrying about external factors.

Look at the real folks around the planet that have stopped waiting for a miracle and got up off the couch and are creating a world they want to live in.  People like Hope Moore of the Fix the World Organization and Sacha Stone of the New Earth Nation are leading by example of how to change the world.  Michael Tellinger of the South African Ubuntu Party and members of the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement are also putting in the real work.  Get involved with these types of organizations that are very real and are producing tangible results.  Not just spouting out unknown sources of what “they” said will happen “soon” or this will take place and the benevolent ET forces will swoop in and save the day.

I’m not saying that all of these sources are wrong.  I do believe in good forces that are working behind the scenes to help free our world from the slavery system.  My point is that we need to stay balanced with all of this information we see every day and not choose sides and get wrapped up in the drama.  Most importantly we need to get involved and volunteer where help is needed.  Even the small things like random acts of kindness.  Be a part of and align yourselves with the solution of today’s issues.  Do not continuously alert the world of all the shenanigans of the Cabal without presenting ideas of how to combat these issues. Project Raindrop for example of the New Earth Nation is presenting ideas of not only how to cleanse your system of Chemtrails, but also how to combat these and dissolve the trails while they are still up in the sky.

This is a call out to each and every awakened heart around the world.  All hands on deck!  Let go of the drama and the silly mind games and join us in helping free our world from the Cabal slavery system.  Do not get distracted from what your mission and purpose is.  Listen to your heart and intuition to find your true meaning and purpose in this life.  It’s not for the sheer role of choosing sides and battling your fellow light workers with pointless bickering.  We need to unite if we are to succeed in this huge endeavor of changing our world.


Please won’t you join us?



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