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untitleduntitledIs there another life waiting for us after we die here on earth?  That’s the question humanity has been asking since the beginning of time.  Some believe when we die we simply no longer exist.  Others believe we transition to another existence, or “Heaven”.  While others believe we reincarnate back to earth.  But is there a way to prove that life exists beyond death?  Some say the answer to this age old question is without a doubt YES. 

A near death experience (NDE) is an event that occurs when a person has been declared dead by a physician or other medical person for a certain amount of time and then is brought back to life.  But what happens to the consciousness of these individuals when they are dead?  Some have risen out of their bodies and can describe things above them such as a shoe on the roof top of the building they were in. Others have recalled conversations that took place during the time of death.  And these were conversations not even in the same room and would have been impossible to hear even if they were alive and awake. Many have experienced traveling through a tunnel of bright light and experienced the most incredible feeling of love and everlasting peace that cannot be compared to any feeling or situation here on earth.

I’ve been reading stories about these NDEs most of my life.  The events that occur after someone dies are astonishing.  There are so many consistencies in the events that take place that it’s hard to argue that these are just dreams or some kind of malfunctioning brain activity.  There was a show that came out back in 2011 on BIO that was called “I Survived:  Beyond and Back.”  These were fascinating tales of NDEs.  If you’ve not seen the show it was cancelled in 2012 but you can still watch some of the episodes here: .  I remember one episode where a woman described seeing not Jesus, or Angels, or God when she died, but extraterrestrial beings.  No wonder the show was cancelled.  I don’t believe the public is ready for that just yet.  Considering many do not even believe in life outside our planet.

People travel away from their physical bodies during these experiences. Some travel to another dimension called the 4th dimension or the astral plane of existence.  Some witness loved ones that have passed on. Beings of light have also been witnessed and others have seen religious figures such as Angels or Jesus.  Some have been in or felt the presence of God or Creator.  Many people experience some sort of life review as well.  Others have claimed to experience nothingness or of existing in an eternal, featureless void.  Could this be a kind of hell or purgatory for the soul?  I personally do not believe hell exists in the physical sense, but it could be possible some have had these experiences of a featureless void before moving on to more of a heavenly experience.

So what happens to these people when they return to earth? Many come back from NDEs with prophetic insights, clairvoyance and other special gifts.  One thing’s for certain, no one comes back the same.  Many come back extremely enlightened.  They’ve had a spiritual awakening and they believe that what we are experiencing here on earth is more of a dream.  That true reality in a sense is what is experienced beyond death.  For that IS Reality and our life in the physical 3-D sense is but a dream.  It’s like when you have a dream and wake up in the morning and say, “oh that was just a dream”, and then it begins to fade from your memory.  Well that’s what these NDEs are like.  After death and leaving the body you feel as if you’ve just awoken from a dream that instantly begins to fade from your memory. After death your soul knows and remembers everything in the universe and all your questions are answered.  When we incarnate I believe this knowledge is forgotten.  This is so we can have an experience that will be beneficial for the journey of our soul and life’s mission and contract. You don’t have a soul, you are a soul.  You have a body.  In other words we are not bodies with souls, we are souls with bodies.   We are infinite souls and have been here for eternity and will continue on for eternity after our soul mission or contract has been completed on earth.  I believe the soul is a spark from the Divine Creator or Source or God. And we are all One with God.  Our purpose is to serve many lifetimes or incarnations here on earth and then eventually ascend into the higher realms which will eventually lead the soul back to God.

I’ve personally spoken to several people who have had NDEs and what I was told was mind blowing.  They’ve all said that when they were on the other side, they did not want to come back.  They were told that they had to come back to complete their mission on earth.  And that mission was to help awaken humanity and usher in a new golden age or heaven on earth.  And that this would happen in their lifetime.  So it appears we could very well be close to witnessing these events of a heaven on earth coming to pass in the very near future.  And again this was not one individual but several.  On the flip side there have been those who have come back saying the world was going to end.  So the experiences leave us to question what path is humanity on.  I personally do not subscribe to the “End of the World” belief.  Why would God want his creation destroyed?  What purpose would that serve for God who loves all of mankind unconditionally to sit and watch us all die at the end of days?

There is a book out called “Proof of Heaven” written by Dr. Eben Alexander that takes you on a journey to the other side.  What’s remarkable about this case is that before the experience, Dr. Alexander was not a spiritual man at all.  Now his life has transformed beyond belief.  Another aspect is the fact that Dr. Alexander is a renowned academic neurosurgeon and spent 54 years honing his scientific worldview. He thought he knew everything about how the brain and mind worked and did not believe his patients who claimed to have NDEs during surgery.  As a scientist and having thorough knowledge and understanding of the brain, he had logical explanations for these occurrences. A transcendental NDE had changed his views.  He now believes in the spiritual realms and knows without a shadow of a doubt that there is life beyond death.  His brain did not function yet he experienced a journey to the heavenly realms.  He could not possibly figure out a reasonable explanation for this.  His scientific background and studies could not present even the slightest theory or rationale behind the NDE.

David Armstrong  had a NDE when he was 17 and has just released a book called “Messages from the Spirit World” that sounds fascinating. David is an internationally renowned intuitive, healer, best-selling author & musician. 

NDEs are a fascinating subject and the stories are endless.  Like everything else there is a Divine purpose to these experiences. What I find most intriguing is the before and after.   A person’s life is never the same and many bring back one or more “gifts” from the other side.  I wrote about a month ago that many people that are a part of this “global awakening” have had these NDEs.  It’s amazing that those who are trying to wake up the world have been to the other side and experienced pure bliss, unconditional love, and everlasting peace.  They want humanity to experience the same thing here on earth by helping us raise our vibrations and collective consciousness to bring this heavenly presence and awareness to our earthly reality.  We all need to continue to focus on the positives and remember that our thoughts are very powerful.  People who came back from the other side have a major purpose for their return.  To tell their stories and give hope to humanity that there is life after death.  And also teach people a new way of thinking and behaving that was witnessed in the higher realms.  That of unconditional love, peace, joy, and eternal bliss.


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