New Earth Sports Network – Why it is important to me

Come and jump into the future with me a little bit! Imagine yourself living in a New Earth Nation community. Everyone lives in naturally wellness promoting homes, eats fresh organic fruits and vegetables, and drinks pure clean structured water. For free! It took a lot of work to get here of course, well more like just letting go of a lot of structures that we held unto ourselves that built the chains that bound us. We are here now and all of our basic needs are met. Now what are you going to do? I love this question because the answers are as unique as you are! I can’t even begin to list all the wonderful things we will experience and create together! However I will mention one thing that I am sure I and many others will want to do. Play!

Play seems such a natural part of the human experience. Part of it is exploring the limits of our physical being. Pushing those limits, testing them in varied situations, and interacting with our environment. Another part is the mental and spiritual enjoyment of doing so. And of course the social interaction of playing with friends! What a beautiful aspect of bliss to be in a NEN community and play with your family.

Now let us step back a moment and look at what sports are like now. In our current society sports are all about rivalries and karma. This can be fairly benign but it can also be drastic as for example the deaths caused during the World Cup in Africa a few years ago. Some of these can be tied in with political and national rivalries.

With New Earth Nation we are all about unity and dissolving old karma. Let us get back to the roots of the game and the joy of playing! There will be healing as brothers from all nations join to play together. There will be bonding in communities with small communal games and play areas. All who wish to play will be included. We will help each other expand and grow physically and spiritually. Team sports will change from competitive to more cooperative and goal oriented games. We will bring a holistic view to our sports incorporating everything we learn to them and in the other direction letting our play bring more enthusiasm to every other aspect of our lives!

So who wants to play?! Come and find your bliss, for the love of the game we call life.


Written by Lee Nelson who is a spiritual being experiencing the human vibration. He is a yogi, reiki practitioner, tai chi practitioner, shaman, athlete, dreamer, nature lover, gardener, crafter, sun-gazer, experimental nutritionist, sometimes hermit, playful philosopher, and lover of life. He serves as a channel for healing and the guidance to raising vibrations to any who ask.