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Judges have turned against the people. One way to hold them accountable is to seat the INTERNATIONAL TRIBUNAL FOR NATURAL JUSTICE.

The ITNJ key-witness Rod Class has uncovered explosive information via his current DC Case that we can now document and prove: The people themselves are being accused as criminals under the War Powers Act of 1917. The Act of 1917, as amended via the Banking Emergency Act of 1933, was never repealed. Class can prove that via his paperwork before the NC Judicial Review Board.

Class can show exactly how INTERNATIONAL BANKERS ACTING AS THE CORPORATE STATE took over every function of government in the united States (and other governments) by substituting their Administrative Agents “as if” they were Public Officials.

Four Judges confirmed, and upheld by Judicial Review, that even the elected Governor of North Carolina was NOT a Public Official. The Governor’s Office was an “Agency” NOT organized under the Executive Branch of Government, and therefore in fact a “private entity, a CORPORATION.”

The private owners of these Corporations DO NOT INCLUDE We, the People. The Administrative Agencies are organized under UN Jurisdiction under the Banking Emergency Act of 1933. These Agencies answer to the IMF, a private Corporation set up by the Bank of International Settlements, ex. Rel. The Agencies who run our Government are NOT a Constitutional Office.

How the International Bankers, and their Agents, are prosecuting United States citizens as “Enemies of the State” under the War Powers Act of 1917 is the story of the decade.

To understand the story, watch JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG, the 1961 Classic with Spencer Tracy. (Available via internet video-streaming – try VUDU.) This movie explains in great detail why the Judges who were the Agents of the Third Reich were on trial for CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

How the Jews and others were drug into court and sentenced for WAR CRIMES during Hitler’s reign in Germany provides context to understand what is happening in the Courts of America.

The Judges at Nuremberg were on trial for sentencing men and women to sterilization, or to the death chambers, or for other more heinous crimes. Those under sentence were singled out because of their race, their supposed mental capacity, or for daring to question Hitler’s War Machine Propaganda.

The Judges at Nuremberg were on trial for their failure to uphold the Rule of Law, and for making a mockery of Justice.

This movie presents a simple solution that only requires a Tribunal. We do not need to seat Grand Juries to start holding the current crop of Agents, Judges, and others impersonating Government officials accountable when they fail to follow their own rules.
Understanding how the Courts break their own rules is the first step.

What Jurisdiction do the Court’s claim as their authority? What Rules of the Court are the Judges following?

Under Article III of the Constitution, the judicial power operates under a very tight leash. Criminal cases require a Jury Trial. Judges elected or appointed to the Bench have to meet stringent requirements in order to receive compensation. Judges acting under Article III courts have sworn an oath to protect the Due Process rights of the people.

Administrative Agencies, and this includes those acting in a Judicial capacity under Title 28-Judiciary, are restricted to CIVIL MATTERS. They have no authority under CRIMINAL JURISDICTION.  According to their own rules, under Title 28, Criminal Matters are RESERVED FOR FUTURE CODIFICATION.

Judges have no authority under the Constitution, the United States Codes or the Code of Federal Regulations to hear a criminal matter. Criminal charges require a Jury Trial, an injured party, and proof that a serious crime has been committed. In light of that information, take a moment to register a fact that can’t be disputed: In courts all across America, a Traffic Ticket is prosecuted as a CRIMINAL CHARGE. DUI’s are Criminal Charges. Child Support Enforcement is a Criminal Charge. A Bank foreclosing on a homeowner is a Criminal Charge.

A parent who can’t pay child support is indicted under criminal charges and sentenced to DEBTOR’S PRISON, a clear violation of Due Process under the Constitution. Debtor’s Prison was outlawed when this country was founded. The Supreme Court overturned a Georgia case in 1984 when a man was sentenced to Debtor’s Prison.

By what Authority can a Judge presume to get away with such blatant disregard for the Constitution?

Paperwork filed into Rod Class’ DC Court case during June, 2014, sheds much light:

“The evidence has been previously put before this Court as per Title 28 USC, sec. 2255 that the Constitution and federal statutes have been violated by the Prosecution; these violations have been ignored by this court thereby suspending the Constitution and the writ of habeas corpus; thereby bringing these charges into a war crimes tribunal as crimes against the state by an enemy of the state per the 1933 Amendatory Act declaring that the people of the United States are classified as enemies of the state pursuant to Title 50 USC, chapter 3, section 23 jurisdiction of the United States courts and judges, in which the people are considered “aliens” and now can be charged for “war crimes.”

There is only ONE PLACE anywhere in any of the Statutes and Codes that give any Judge presumption of jurisdiction to hear a Criminal Charge: Under 50 USC WAR AND NATIONAL DEFENSE, under Chapter 3, Section 23.

Wait. Are you seriously suggesting that the Judges are presiding over a WAR CRIMES TRIBUNAL? The people aren’t the Enemy. There is no war going on in the United States. Most Traffic Tickets are a joke. Nobody got hurt. It’s just City Hall needing some money. You’re kidding. Right? Then explain how criminal charges against the people as per the War on Drugs filled the for- profit, private prisons to overflowing. Ditto, the War on Drunk Driving. Ditto, the draconian “Dead- beat Dad” Child Support laws. How have millions upon millions of homeowners lost their homes to foreclosure?

The War Powers Act of 1917, an act that is still in force today:

• Has been used to set the people up as War Criminals 100 years later.

• Has caused Judges, Prosecutors, and Agencies to misuse the provisions of this Act to not only imprison the people under War Crimes, it has allowed them to embezzle the federal funds set up by the Act for the use of the people.

The Act itself is not hard to understand when placed in the context of World War I. Congress decided that Trading with the Enemy required permission from the government. Elaborate Registration and Licensing was required.

All private property of an enemy was subject to confiscation. If you were charged with war crimes, Prisoners of War had no rights and no remedy through the courts.

Regulations concerning Registration and Licensing under the War Powers Act carries the key that unlocks the mystery of the Slavery Contracts exposed by OPPT.

“There’s a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot.”              – President John F. Kennedy before his assassination

During World War I, under the War Powers Act of 1917, and in full force and effect from that time forward, all private property belonging to the people was conscripted for the use of the war effort. According to the provisions of the Act, the license and registration process provided a means for the Alien Property Custodian to keep up with the contribution of the people. The Alien Property Custodian had authority to create war bonds, or other means, to create a fiat currency from the people’s property.

Under Power of Attorney Appointment, he was Trustee of the Trusts set up for such purposes. All rights, title, and interest to manage the people’s property as if it was owned by the Government was placed under the control of the Alien Property Custodian. All proceeds were confiscated for the government’s use.

EXCEPT: The Alien Property Custodian had to settle any claims brought before him resulting from the use of the people’s property. Under Section 7, “No person shall be held liable in any court for anything done or admitted under this Act.” Courts were not allowed to hold you accountable if you failed to pay a debt. Since you had no choice in the matter, and all your property belonged to the State, under Section 9 of the War Powers Act, the Alien Property Custodian was required by law to settle your debts. Even if you, personally, presented your claim under Oath, under your signature, it had to be settled.

A person designated as an “Enemy of the State” could dispute the charge and write to the President for a Letter of Certification to be removed from the list.

An elaborate plan was in place to return the property to the people once the war ended and peace had been declared.

Wait a minute. World War I is over. World War II is over. The Korean War is over. The Vietnam War is over. The War on Terror is ……. NOT over.

Perpetual War has been declared against the people of the United States – and against the people of the world.

It is a fact that most United States citizens have not yet grasped: They have been subjected to the most sophisticated War Propaganda effort that has ever been conducted. Five private Corporations with known ties to the Banking Cabal own and control all Media sources. Well-funded Think Tanks have used churches to sway the people to their political agendas. Like the people portrayed in JUDGMENT AT NUREMBERG, it is easier to claim ignorance than to face your participation by your silence.

It is confirmed as fact through the Congressional Records that the STATE OF EMERGENCY declared in 1917 has never been lifted. The CORPORATIONS POSING AS GOVERNMENTS kept inching their way in. The Federal Reserve Act of 1913, War Powers Act of 1917, and Banking Emergency Act of 1933 set the framework. The people were roped in under undisclosed “Voluntary” Slavery Contracts beginning with the Social Security Act of 1935. This Act assigned a number to the “Alien Enemies” who were in fact Americans born on the soil.

The Social Security Act funded the war effort by assigning a monetary value based upon every live birth, and a set amount to be turned over to the war effort for every year thereafter.

A person 60 years old would have had a minimum of $60 Million deposited in their account as a result of the Birth Certificate Registration.

The Alien Property Custodian has a Fiduciary Duty mandated by Congress to settle any claims of any debts of the people. There is always a monetary claim at stake, for a traffic ticket, a child support enforcement, a home foreclosure. So why don’t the court’s settle the debts?

What if it was the intent all along to rob the people blind? The truth is stranger than fiction.

The War Powers Act, as amended, under the Banking Emergency Act of 1933, now included the American people as “Enemies of the State.” The Alien Registration Act of 1940 required the American people to declare themselves as “Alien Resident Enemies” to the occupying power who took over the government of the United States.

The purpose of the Registration was masked as the Birth Registration. It was not explained how the footprint of the sole/soul on the birth record provided proof of claim that the infant and all future labors belonged to the occupying power. This bizarre ritual was used by Plantation slave owners to claim infants as their property.

An “Enemy” has to have permission that is not normally required. License and Registration is required for almost everything: Voting, Driving, Working, Professional Licenses, Building Permits, you name it.

Anytime you apply for a license, you are admitting that you are an “Alien Enemy.” When a Driver’s License is suspended, for a traffic violation, or a child support enforcement claim, does that then give the Courts presumption of authority to charge you with “War Crimes for Disturbing the Peace?”

This tale gets even stranger….

Under the War Powers Act, it is against the law to change your name during a time of war. When the Secretary of State sent back the birth certificate, they failed to inform the parents that the State created an artificial person with the same name. Changing the form to ALL CAPS was the same as changing the name. You failed to protest the name change. Ignorance of the Law is no excuse.

A Plaintiff brings Criminal Charges against you for a Traffic Ticket. The Judge demands your name. You answer to the Birth Name. You just admitted you are a war criminal. You changed your name. You no longer have any rights before the Court. Your property is subject to confiscation. No Agent acting under Fiduciary Obligation has to pay your debts.

The State of Emergency allowed the President to declare Bankruptcy in 1933. He shamelessly pledged the full faith and credit of the people as the collateral to settle the debts. More private property was confiscated. This time, all private Gold had to be turned in, or the people faced prison sentences.

The government could not confiscate the assets of the people without offering something in return. The Alien Property Custodian is required to pay the debts of the people on demand. Neither the government nor the occupying power disclosed this information to the people. Under the State Secrets Act, they said they didn’t have to.

Is this why such important information is deliberately left out of our History Textbooks?

Understanding the War Powers Act in light of this new information explains why there has never been full disclosure to the People. It has taken almost 100 years for ordinary people to grasp how their freedom, their material wealth, and their well-being has been confiscated and stolen. They are treated as “Voluntary Slave” who must work by the sweat of their brow while their oppressors live like Kings. They are prisoners of war with no rights and no remedies. Ask anyone who has been denied Justice in any courtroom in America, or in the world, today.

Why were the people in Nuremberg upset with the Tribunal that acted to hold the judges accountable?

The people who spoke out against the atrocities carried out in Germany were the first to be charged as war criminals. The Status Quo was threatened. As long as life was fairly comfortable for the majority, most preferred to look the other way and pretend that nothing extraordinary was going on.

Judges enjoy an above average lifestyle. People look up to them. They are considered the Pillars of their community. But there is a hidden side that forces us to face the Greed and Corruption that has overtaken the very foundation of our Constitutional Republic and our Judiciary in particular.

How the Judges utilize the Constitutional Side under Article III in order to allow their cronies on the Corporation Side to steal the Federal Funding is the key to bring Criminal Charges of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY against the Judges.

Under Article III, in order to keep their salaries under the Constitution, and to participate in certain perks they consider essential, they had to sign an Oath to uphold the Constitution.

They are fully responsible for knowing the rules, rights, and powers granted under the Constitution and the Federal Statutes. They cannot claim ignorance of the law as a defense.

In order for the courts to gain access to the funds, the Judges must occupy the Constitutional side.


The Constitutional Side pledged the people as “Human Capital” to fund the War Effort. The Constitutional Side conscripted the property. It took on the obligation to pay the people’s debts. Any debt of the people is an obligation of the United States.

The Judges have a Fiduciary Obligation to both the United States and to the People to settle the claim. It is this Fiduciary Oath that gives them access to the Accounts through the Constitutional Side. They have to sign off on the various forms required in order to get the funds released.

How, then, do the Courts act outside an Article III Court to set up a War Crimes Tribunal? For what purpose?

Here’s where we see the CORPORATIONS POSING AS GOVERNMENT get unmasked. It is the Corporation Side that files a criminal complaint. If it is a DMV Traffic Citation, the Plaintiff is the STATE OF XXXXX, the mirror-image CORPORATION BEARING THE SAME NAME as the legitimate State Of XXXX.

Remember, Rod Class proved in Court that the Governor of the STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA, INC was not a legitimate Constitutional Officer. The Agents represent the occupying power in charge of the Bankruptcy.

STATE OF XXXX CORPORATION files criminal charges. The person holding the Driver’s License as the Alien Enemy has broken some rule.

The minute the Judge agrees to hear a criminal complaint under USC 50 Chapter 3, Section 23, he has stated to the world that he has sold the people out so he, too, can profit from the spoils of war.
There’s only one problem with this scenario: It takes your signature on some form to allow the Court Officers full access to your confiscated property, including the Birth Bonds set up by the Social Security Act.

These Agents and Court Officers and Municipalities are participating in an embezzlement scheme that is illegal and unlawful under every Treaty, Act, Constitution, USC, or CFR that has ever been signed or passed. Every one of them is guilty of CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

There is massive incentive for Judges, Courts, Municipalities, and stockholders to charge as many people as possible with war crimes. They can write Court Bonds, create insurance claims, confiscate homes and turn around and sell them back to the banks.

The Municipalities gain access to BLOCKED GRANTS. You, the Creator of the Credit, are BLOCKED from the use of your funds, but the Municipalities can requisition and spend it however they wish.

Embezzlement of Federal Funds carries a $10,000 fine and a prison sentence of 10 years. Malfeasance of Office carries an even stiffer punishment. We, the people, didn’t write their rules; we didn’t pass them, but Congress did. Therefore, the Judges can and must be held accountable for extreme acts of failure to protect the rights of the people.

The simplest remedy for the people is to declare Peace themselves. Signing the Treaty is the first step.

Seating the International Tribunal for Natural Justice to hold these Corporations and Court Offenders accountable is the next logical step.

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