The New Earth Exchange


The New Earth Exchange is launching! 

This article shares with you our vision for the exchange and the coordinated efforts which are well underway toward making it a reality. Whilst this monumental, yet very achievable, development effort proceeds, we are opening up the gates to allow for all of our friends, family and New Earth constituents to participate in the pioneering undertaking.

This is your opportunity to support the most grounded consciousness and sovereignty movement on the planet and benefit yourself at the same time…
Over the last 14 months thousands of people have asked us questions like:
‘Is there a way I can support the emergence of the new economy?’
‘Do you have a savings plan which would allow me to begin saving now for a home in a New Earth Community?’…etc…
The answer to these and many more questions is now absolutely – yes.
In fact you can do any (in fact all) of these things and double your value at the same time.
For the last 12 months the New Earth Team has been beta-testing our own New Earth Promissory. Until now members of the team have had the opportunity to receive our Promissories as acknowledgement of the contribution they are making to the manifestation of a New Earth (all admin team and volunteers are eligible to receive this currency as remuneration).

We have created our own economy! Because we say so – and because we are the trust factor and the collateral factor. Not great news for the central bankers and usurers of history – but great news for an awakening humankind.

The value of a New Earth Promissory has now been set as being equal to $25.00 USD as of this Autumn equinox, the 21st September 2014*.

This means that when the New Earth Market begins to accept New Earth Promissories, an item costing $50 (at today’s prices) will cost 2 Promissories, or a home costing $60,000 will cost 2,400 Promissories**.

What does this mean for you?

We are extending to all NE members the opportunity to participate in the New Earth Promissory system – meaning that you can now also participate in a mutual benefit society.

We are offering a limited number of New Earth Promissories to our members for $12.50 USD (half their equivalent value*)

20,000 Promissories are being made available at this price and will never be this low again*…

So now you can:
– Store your value somewhere where it won’t be used to fund life-depleting projects and investments
– Receive an equivalent 50% discount on New Earth products and services as and when they become available
– Begin saving for a home in a New Earth Community (at a rate which means you will be able to buy a $60,000 home for an investment of just $30,000)
– Insulate yourself from the effects of inflation and currency devaluations

All New Earth Promissories are issued to team members and purchasers alike on the understanding that they may be used to purchase residencies, homes or any products or services which become available as the various New Earth initiatives come online. It is understood by all who participate with the New Earth Promissory that, in the early years of the Project, there may
not be enough residencies, homes or other products or services available through this program for all participants to ‘cash in’ their Promissories at will – that the ability to exchange those Promissories is subject to availability which will increase over time. Where demand is greater than supply, priority is given in all instances to those who have the highest Promissory balances
and who have therefore made the greatest commitment to New Earth.*

*see FAQ for further details
**subject to availability


The New Earth Exchange Launch Programme

Phase 1: New Earth Promissory (NEP) availed to New Earth Members

The NEP is a medium of exchange explicitly for use by New Earth Members and Communities. The economic foundation of the New Earth Promissory is that of ‘Mutual Credit’.

Phase 2: Zero-Point Account (ZPA), New Earth Fund (NEF) & New Earth Reserve (NER) launched

The ZPA… is ‘the’ transition tool for the new economy. Operate your existing credit or debit card accounts, complimentary currencies and alternative currencies through one secure account facility with one anonymous card.
The NEF… is prime repository for money, securities and other forms of property (excluding real property). Unlike conventional fiduciary accounts, the New Earth Fund invests in and participates with investments that are indenture-free and productivity-aligned.
The NER… is a “storehouse” of wealth and abundance which is used as the prime repository of assets and capabilities stewarded by members of the New Earth community, making them available as collateral for community undertakings.

Phase 3: New Earth Sovereign (NES), New Earth Gifting Network (NEG) and New Earth Community (NEC) launch simultaneously

The NES… is a multi-value backed currency. Issued with zero interest at source, it has a massive competitive advantage over ALL legacy currencies.

The NEG… is a global platform serving to reconnect people within their local community through the simple and powerful act of sharing.

Transcending the legacy system notions of charity and emergency response, the NEC Response Network empowers an enlivened humanity to respond to joys and sorrows with abundance and generosity, where each response serves as a reminder to celebrate our explicit interconnectedness.

Phase 4: Currency exchange platform for exchanges between sovereign community currencies

As sovereign nations and micro-nations who ratify the New Earth Treaty (global covenant of peace and fellowship) issue their own resource backed currencies, the New Earth Exchange lives up to its name, providing the platform for ALL sovereign currencies to be exchanged freely.

The New Earth Exchange

It’s no great secret that today’s modern economy does not serve the people of our beautiful planet – it has been made in the image of those with an insidious need for control. Genius is its design, and chaotic its nature…

How is money created in the legacy system?

Under the current fractional reserve banking model, operating in almost every country across the globe, money is created in the following way:

• The central bank decides to increase the money supply by say £1m. It does so by purchasing government bonds/treasury bills from a dealer in government securities.
• In order to pay for these bonds the central bank creates a liability against itself – a simple accounting exercise.
• The dealer’s bank account is credited with £1m as payment for the bonds.
• £1m of credit money that did not previously exist, now exists in the banking system.
• Because the government bonds are interest bearing, the government has effectively borrowed the credit money for its banking system, from what is effectively a private corporation, at interest (there can never be enough money in circulation to pay back this loan because the interest payable on the government bonds has not yet been created – hence the perpetual and intentional cycle of boom and bust).
• Income taxes pay the interest to the bondholders.
• The central bank can control the supply of credit money by buying and selling its holding of government bonds at will. In this way does one single corporation control the entire economy.
• It is the promise of the future labour of mankind which underwrites this entire operation. The ‘security of the person’ (birth certificate) of every man, woman and child alive today is collateralized to fulfill this function, based on the presumption that we all will agree to stand as surety for the debt money created… indentured servitude. The £1m created by the central bank can then be expanded to a theoretical £10m through the following process:
• The high street bank(s) who received the £1m from the dealer’s transaction is allowed to lend £900,000 of the original £1m, assuming a 10% fractional reserve requirement.
• However it does not lend any of the original £1m, if it did this no new money would be created. Instead it keeps the whole £1m in its vault and creates, out of thin air, up to another £9m to satisfy the 10% requirement.
• It can do this because it accepts promissory notes [loan application forms and offers] in exchange for credits to the borrowers’ transaction account.
• The bank lies to the public, telling them that they are making a loan (that must be paid back at interest).
• The bank then accepts the loan application form/offer as a promise to pay in accordance with the relevant national Bills of Exchange Act (much like the ‘promise to pay’ bank notes in your wallet).
• Because they now have something of value from the ‘borrower,’ they are authorised by the banking system to create out of thin air the credit money that the ‘borrower’ wishes to ‘borrow.’
• In essence the bank has simply converted the ‘borrowers’ promissory note into usable credit money. They have not lent a single penny of their own money or of anyone else’s money. 100% of the monthly payments you make on a loan, mortgage or credit card are effectively profit to the banking system.
• It is the promise of future labour of the man acting as the legal fiction ‘borrower’ that increases the supply of fictional credit money in the fractional reserve system.
• Essentially it is us, the alleged lenders, who make the loan to the bank, not the other way round.

This credit expansion process is a massive fraud upon the people – we have been hoodwinked into believing our value lies in worthless pieces of paper, to the extent that we are willing to bind ourselves into servitude just so we can have them! But the good news is that we the people are collectively starting to wake up and smell the proverbial Rat in the Kitchen. The cold light of dawn reveals to us all the most obvious of truths – WE ARE THE VALUE IN THE SYSTEM. And if we are the value then we are the ones with the power to change it for the better!


Lighting the way

Fortunately, in taking these next steps, there are noble pioneers who have lit the way – from books such as Sacred Economics and people such as Michael Tellinger,
each supporting and suggesting the benefits of a cashless society. Michael based an entire political campaign around this and the Ubuntu party in South Africa, sadly he did not win a seat of influence, indicating that perhaps the world wasn’t ready for such a radical notion of freedom, or perhaps they just needed more ‘proof’ of their worth, but either way, the profile and idea of a new approach to money became seeded into the human consciousness through his, and others pioneering efforts. The question remains however as to how we can actualize these economic
principles? Are they viable? If they are, what needs to happen for them to become available to the people? Chances are, if you’re reading this magazine, you have some interest in ‘making the world a better place’ and or recognize the dire need for change from within the self and from within the core of the systems that have enslaved us: time, fear and money!

And so it is that we present the New Earth Exchange (NEX) – the alternative platform for trade and exchange currently being developed by the New Earth Trust which walks the line of integrity, by placing the value and power back into the hands of the people – utilising Zero Point Economic principles to provide the framework for a new economy – one which honours and embraces the inherent abundance around us, removing the blockages which perpetuate an illusion of scarcity…

What is Zero Point Economics?

“Zero-point” is the technical term applied to the quantum state of lowest energy and theoretical vacuums. The ultimate expression of a Zero-point economy is one in which traditional ideas of money, trade and exchange have ceased to exist. People gift time and energy freely to others, and to the communities in which they reside, without any thought of direct exchange. They have recognized that by accepting anything in direct exchange for what they give creates a closed transaction of energy between themselves and another, and is not conducive to a state of constant universal enrichment.

Constant universal enrichment requires that energy be expended freely. When energy is expended freely it can be employed by Life upon other operations which in turn gift that energy freely in whatever form it has been transmuted into. In this way not only is creation allowed to flourish, but it is allowed to do so in a way that is not controlled entirely by the mind of man – life is free to employ its infinite wisdom to deliver that which is most beneficial to each aspect of its creation.

Acknowledging that the world is not yet capable of embracing the purity of this expression, the New Earth Exchange employs certain principles which foster universal enrichment providing the stepping stones toward this dream. Thus we define these principles as Zero-point economics – usury free mediums of exchange, resource-backed currencies which encourage natural resource preservation, and mutual credit are examples of these.

How does the New Earth Exchange work?

The New Earth Exchange is an Economic & Financial System that facilitates gifting & exchange of all kinds of commodities, goods & services. By integrating certain historically successful aspects of legacy systems and methodologies with the latest technological solutions, the NEX offers a platform that stores, maintains and administers all transactional data. Reflecting the vedic elemental view which likewise underlies the structure of most of New Earth’s multifarious initiatives, the NEX directs all traffic/flow through primary operational silos, each represented by respective elements. This holistic model facilitates a true energy to value to energy translation system. Each of the five operational Silo’s functions in and of itself and interacts synergistically with the others.

1. Water NE Fund (NEF)
2. Air NE Promissory (NEP)
3. Space NE Gifting Network (NEG)
4. Earth NE Reserve (NER)
5. Fire NE Community (NEC)

For a more detailed explanation of each of these components please visit:

Acknowledging that the drift from the original gift economy on planet earth was caused by the introduction of barter systems (and following the logic that when one gets lost, retracing ones steps is often a good place to start!), the NEX reintroduces and encourages traditional barter systems, and provides a Gifting Network interface, as the pathways through which we may retrace our steps.


Banking and exchange within the New Earth

The NEX will operate through two primary interfaces; the first will serve as a foundation for New Earth Members, Micro-nations, Communities, Retreats, and other participants to operate through, and will be accessible to those participants only. All transactions taking place within this first interface will employ only Zero Point Economic
(ZPE) principles. This primarily takes the shape of a Barter Economy using a currency which we call the New Earth Promissory. The New Earth Promissory is a medium of exchange that is created by the user and exists for the length of the transacting period, after which it is extinguished. The value proposition of the currency is purely for system/technological purposes, from a real life perspective the purpose of the currency is to make sure neither the buyer or seller are financially indebted to each other and the transaction becomes a no strings attached exchange.

This metric offers to facilitate a shift in perspective as to what we consider as value or valuable. Currencies used within New Earth Communities will not have any inherent value of their own nor will they hold any storage value. Value will be created and extinguished as the transaction is open and closed. For example, if Alex bought 50 apples in exchange for promissories from Tom, the Promissory is worth 50 apples for that transaction only and does not hold the same value if Tom decides to buy 10 oranges from Chris in the next transaction, in which case the promissory will take on a new 10 orange value. The reason for this is to eliminate the notion of debt within the community and its residents.

Once properly grounded within a stabilised community group, individuals will not need to keep track of their promissories in terms of balance or units available. According to the level of community stability (as determined by the community itself), the NEX will become little more than a transparent account management tool where balances are maintained automatically and promissories are made available to any individual during the event of a transaction enabling a true currency-less or cashless style of living – banking and accounting will be a thing of the past! And ultimately, so too will the promissories themselves!

Exchanging with old-earth

The second interface of the NEX is purposed for transactions between those within New Earth and those in the legacy system. This interface is envisioned and positioned to act as a reverse osmosis mechanism whereby those in old earth may experience by proxy the virtues of the New Earth Exchange and exercise an option to move away from the pit falls of our current global economic & FIAT currency system and into the Zero Point. In addition to the obvious manner of engaging in the New Earth Promissory system as a member of NEN, one may begin to embrace Zero point trade & exchange by investing in the New Earth Fund, trading in New Earth Sovereign Currencies, or trading with New Earth.

Since economics is a man-made creation, if we want to understand the economic problem and its solution we must understand how and why human beings act in this world. Economics is not a physical science that works according to natural laws. The link between economic activity and human consciousness becomes a fascinating foray into the psyche of the current system, as the ideas of economy are a fabricated set of ideals entirely created by human beings, from human minds; minds that can be swayed or work according to selfish or selfless agendas. A most important side of the economic equation therefore, is the human side, which is totally neglected in all discussions of economics and economic models. Investigation of the human condition provides insight needed to properly adjust all of the parameters of the economic calculus. The cost of human greed creates poverty and competition in a world where abundance is the natural state. Producing the desired results of effecting this natural abundance and balance between giving and receiving can therefore be injected into the financial system implemented by the human consciousness.

Encouraging ecological regeneration

There are two major phenomena currently unfolding around the world which are already serving to diffuse the FIAT currency system; the first is the re-introduction of resource backed currency that can be evidently seen in Russia’s move to back the Rouble with their Gold Reserves. A move about to be replicated by the BRICS and the formation of the BRICS bank. The second is the use of a plethora of alternative and complimentary currencies per individual community needs to raise the overall value of all currencies in rotation.

Building upon both of these phenomena, the New Earth Exchange will soon be launching a multi-resource backed currency called the New Earth Sovereign. Unlike gold backed currency which is built upon the idea of “scarcity being more valuable” the New Earth Sovereign will be backed by all natural unmined, unharvested resources making it an incentive to ecological preservation and by extension a catalyst for enhancing natural abundance. This multi resource backed currency will be the New Earth Trust’s offering to the world as the Resource Based Economic Bridge that leads back to our treasured Zero Point Economy. In fact one could say that a Resource based economy is a mere extension of the ZPE that would allow Old Earthers to merge harmoniously into the new system in their given time.

The application of Zero Point Economic principles within the New Earth Exchange also shifts the manner in which the price or cost of a good, commodity or service is determined. Unlike the legacy system where governing bodies can influence the market value by imposing taxes or engineering shortages and surpluses, the NEX places the decision to determine the value of a given exchange in the hands of the transactees. Take for example the trade of a car for baskets of apples… One might find 3 different buyers ready to purchase the car in exchange for 100 baskets of Apples, 200 baskets or 1000 baskets OR for that matter 500 or 1000 promissories. It is up to the seller to go to the “highest “or most preferred bidder to get his “money’s” worth ensuring true free market principles. The system over a period of time, running a value determining algorithm, will determine a mean OR median value (as appropriate) for any good, commodity or service and provide general suggestions either in specific units or ranges on the platform (in this case a website or application) for the user to lookup. Folks valuing the items of sale higher than this unit or range, are automatically encouraged to point out the features that make it worth as much.


Building the New Earth Exchange

At present the New Earth Trust is working with the Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Government and other key groups to establish a true Sovereign Bank. The Sovereign ©Skwxwú7mesh-Squamish™ Government are true pioneers of the Sovereign Banking movement – what their small dedicated team has achieved to date is nothing short of remarkable – we will be sharing their story in the next edition of NEO.

The New Earth Trust is also working with PayServices Inc. to launch the Zero Point Account and core NEX interfaces. PayServices bring to the table their robust Multi Value Clearing House banking software which enables users to attach multiple accounts to this Payment Card system.

One single card will be capable of releasing funds from an unlimited array of:
– Hard Currency Accounts (£, $ etc.)
– Complementary Currency Accounts
– Alternative Currency Accounts
– Commodity Accounts and more

The card itself is very secure with no names, dates or CVV codes appearing on the card. Users will be able to generate an OTP (One Time Password/Pin) to settle transactions and also cancel the card via their mobile phones in case of theft/loss. This card will significantly alter the way cards fees and fee structures are enforced and dispersed. The Payservices Multi Value Clearing House platform will provide the foundation of NEX’s Zero Point Account when it launches in the near future.

Stay tuned for more installments of the New Earth Exchange launch – A New Earth is upon us!