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New Earth Music is a collective of musicians and music lovers who have come together inspired by the vision of the New Earth Project. As a whole, we recognize that a change is needed, and inevitable, in the way that music is practiced and shared on Planet Earth. We recognize that everything that appears in our reality is actually vibrationally based, as witnessed in the science of cymatics. Therefore, we understand that, as musicians, we have a much larger responsibility than we have been led to believe. As it has been, most music has been relegated to the purpose of “entertainment”, which is nothing more than distraction. Our mission is to resurrect music from the purpose of keeping peoples’ attention bound and fixated in the 3 dimensional time-space prison, and to restore it to its higher purpose, of liberating the soul entirely.

Music is a language of frequency, and as such, it functions as a carrier wave for the level of vibration of productionwhoever creates it. It is with this expanded understanding of music that we make a giant leap into a new way of being with sound. We also recognize that as sovereign beings we each inhabit a unique perspective in space-time, and therefore are inherently unique as we are.

This eliminates any need for competition based on limited ego concerns. We leave behind the hierarchical models of the Old Earth, and embrace collaboration and cooperation, as each brings their unique creative contribution to the table. We are also currently exploring new ways to create and participate with music that removes it entirely from the shackles of the commerce-based system that has enslaved humanity. The entire process of mixing creativity with money has gradually diluted the creative process, until what remains of music is but a shadow of its full potential.
We welcome all those who are looking for an alternative to the “music business”, and those who recognize that our planet is our sustenance and source of inspiration. We are entering into a whole new relationship with the world of sound, and the sound of the world.

New Earth Music provides information of interest and support for artists, with the publication of New Earth Music Magazine, as well as informative Blogs.  A compilation CD is available for download on the New Earth Music Website.


New Earth Music – Shannon Nicole

The New Earth Project has woven yet another artistic creation into the fabric of our divinely evolving paradigm. Celebrating freedom of expression and the power of healing through sound, New Earth Music has taken flight, carrying a tune of togetherness and a theme of One Earth, One Vibration.

Aligned with the vision of New Earth, New Earth Music has thrown out the hierarchical models of One Earth One Vibratoin_Cover Artthe past and embraced a system based on collaboration and cooperation. The team is headed up by Misha Whirlwind as a Conceptualizer and Director sided by John Jenkins, a New Earth Ambassador and Head of Communications for New Earth Music. Surrounded with a devoted crew of talent from all over the world, a collective environment has been seeded setting the stage for opportunity, growth and evolution in the music industry.

Their mission is to build a movement of conscious artists whose work contributes to restoring the vibratory art of music and sound to its rightful place as a profound agent of transformation, healing and storytelling.  Music, vibration and frequency have long been known to influence every area of life – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It changes our mood, uplifts and restores our spirit and transforms our thoughts and emotions. For in Truth, we are made up of vibration. The healing potentials continue to be scientifically collaborated and ongoing research is being conducted to raise our awareness on how to use it and what for. New Earth Music is dedicated to this evolutionary thinking.  Their movement is striving to use music and sound healing as a catalyst for good through collaborative music compilations, educational programs and the development of itʻs own research facilities.

Molded into their manifesto is an entirely new way of thinking about music and how it should be shared. The goal is to move away from the idea that music is simply “entertainment” and create a platform for musicians to fully engage in the creative process without constraints or competition.  In contrast to the conditioning of the old paradigm where musicians are confined to what sells and placed in genres that thwart creative exploration, the movement has eliminated time limits and torn down the borders that categorize and bind creativity. Their philosophy holds that bringing together all genres ultimately allows for the voices of all peoples to be heard in their most majestic colors.

new arcadia

New Earth Music appropriately launched their first compilation through a portal in the heavens and into the air waves on 11.11.2014.  Keeping in alignment with their mission, the compilation features an eclectic array of musicians coming together in Oneness yet each with their own unique individualized expression. In doing so, NEM has inspirationally demonstrated their belief that unification through the power of music can be accomplished through true heart based artistic expression and collaboration.  One Earth, One Vibration is truly an explosion of diversity.

The entirety of the compilation invites us to take a journey into the human heart calling out for global connection and planetary change.  Among the twenty songs you will hear harmonic voices and instrumental composition ranging in sound from island rhythm, pop, techno beat, theatrical rendition, rock and hip hop integrated with lyrics that speak for our Mother Earth and universal love.  Channeled by the masters are songs that summon the hearts and souls of people everywhere to awaken and remember their divinity.

Archaic frequencies transport us back to ancient memories of indigenous cultures and our rich history soundriddled with hidden wisdom awaiting to be rediscovered. Others carry tones and new vibrations thrusting us toward the future and a new dream where unlimited possibilities abound.  The music throughout invokes an emotional charge fueling feelings of joy, sorrow, love and hope while lifting us up physically and spiritually into a liberated dance with our collective consciousness.

As we move into this time of dynamic and rapid change, we will see even more spawning. The latest addition to NEM is New Earth Theater whose intention is to inspire, elevate, entertain and stretch imaginations into the new paradigm of human evolution through theater and performance.  There is also a Youth Division in the works intending to cultivate a new generation of musicians in support of their rightful and divine creative inheritance.  And, we must not forget the deep need for planetary restoration wherein plans for a sound research and technology facility focused on healing frequencies is set to break ground in Sri Lanka. Support in all areas is welcomed and graciously received as we build our new world in love and light.

studioYou can find One Earth, One Vibration for sale on the New Earth Music website, and through  My City Connected is a brand new social media platform designed to maintain all our social media feed in one place and allows for us to come together in community building store sites, blogs, private groups, displaying video, posting classifieds and more.  The partnership between the two has been an integral part in helping the development of New Earth Music and their marketing efforts.  A portion of the proceeds from the compilation will go to fund all of the above and the creation of more compilations.

New Earth Music – Victoria Vives Earth Sky people interview with Misha Whirlwind and Gina Citoli

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