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New Earth Institute’s Sacha Stone speaks with veteran crop-circle documentarian Patty Greer on the mysteries of the crop-circle phenomenon.

“Patty Greer is one of the hardest working independent UFO film makers today. With an unstoppable passion for the summertime Crop Circles of Southern England, you will usually find her there. Laying on her back in the center of Crop Circles for hours, silently listening to the messages …

Being in Crop Circles day after day she developed (what appeared to be) a telepathic communication with the Circlemakers. After an OBE (out-of-body-experience) in a 2007 English Crop Circle she became fully fearless in the fields! Climbing up the hillsides with her cameras late at night, she and a friend filmed Balls of Light in great detail.”


New earth Nation

The Shift Has Hit The Fan…

Patty Greer’s Story



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