New Earth Nation Introduction Video

This is the introduction to New Earth Nation, founded in recognition of the primacy of consciousness, the unity of all life and the undeniability of the individual sovereign condition with an invitation to ratify the New Earth Treaty.

If you feel that our current paradigm is not sustainable, please consider that there is now an alternative way of life.  It is not just a dream anymore, paradise is possible to create right now; all that is required of you is your participation.

New Earth Nation is a global network of sustainable communities that wishes for all life to live in harmony as a collective of natural sovereign beings.  It incorporates unifying spiritual principles, free energy technology, and full spectrum sustainable practices which will ultimately bring about the revival of Earth’s abundant and diverse ecosystems.

Many are now rising up and reclaiming their sovereignty alongside us!  Read and sign the New Earth Treaty if you wish to help manifest this new planetary initiative.

For more information on New Earth Nation, check out the main website:

Alternatively, take a peak at our emerging alternative to mainstream Academia: New Earth Institute.

Finally, join a social network geared towards creative and conscious interaction: New Earth Community.


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