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Dear New Earthers,

We’d like to welcome you into 2014 where the New Earth Project (NEP) is transforming into New Earth Nation (NEN).  Thanks to our massively supportive network we are continuing to manifest exponentially. 

Many of us sense that time itself is dissolving (or what is generally perceived as time) and those time-frames based on old world structures are becoming more difficult to navigate.  Our planetary team based in nearly every timezone on earth is understanding the need for a new unified time signature.  Along with a team of calendric specialists, indigenous elders and astrologers we are investigating the development of a new time signature in which a singular time exists for all people and places on this ascending planet. We are proposing to launch it as New Earth Time by the Spring Equinox….so please stay tuned to this initiative.

Can you believe that we are now weighing in with over 650 square kilometers of land being offered toward the New Earth Nation in over four dozen locations around the globe. You are pioneering this historic reclamation of the global commons.  We are truly excited at the prospect of changing the shape and the trajectory of this world with your participation in the coming months and years. Together we WILL transcend the paradigm and take this precious world into our true collective birthright. A world where creative expression, fellowship, consciousness-in-action and delight are the cornerstones of our lives. A world where organic foods, sparkling conscious water, fresh air, contented animals, happy people and sanctified and beautified spaces abound.

We are nearly 200,000 people strong on the NEP Facebook page and have thousands of beautiful souls registering online!  The internal team has been growing exponentially and people from all over this globe are working and dreaming together for the New Earth Nation.   If you would like to get involved and join our unstoppable force please contact us here and have a look at the positions we are in search of below.

The New Earth Portal is finally nearing its first phase launch this month. You will receive a special notice to let you know when to make the leap. Our IT wizards have been putting together an amazing gateway. The first phase of the New Earth Institute will showcase the wisdom of our many New Earth Academies and Fellows and the details of what they include.  Each New Earth Nation location will also have a hub in the community portal (although this community portal element is a secondary phase, coming soon).  The New Earth Market will also be going live within the portal during the later stages this year, let us know if you have any products you believe are worthy for the New Earth Martket.

The geo-architecture team is continuing to create more master-plans and creative building options for New Earth housing which will be posted soon…  We are looking to expand this team, so anyone interested in assisting, please do not hesitate to contact us here. We need more architects, engineers and folks with a passion for designing, rendering, and animating.

The New Earth Festival is moving ahead and we have assembled our core production team. The location for the inaugural New Earth Festival is now determined as Mexico. We will publish the full spec in March.  We have also begun the launch of the New Earth Music Label with an award winning production team.  New Earth artists and musicians are invited to submit songs and tracks – for possible inclusion in the double album, which will also be guested by international artists.  If you are interested in joining the New Earth Label team please contact us here.

The time is now, where together, we manifest heaven on earth…

Blessings and Love to all….


location updates

We now have 60+ New Earth Community & Retreat projects in various stages of inquiry, negotiation, and planning.  The Land & Development Team has been busy handling projects and potential projects including but not limited to the following:

New Earth Communities (“NEC”)

Confirmed NEC Projects: Costa Rica, Chile, India, and Greece.

Projects under negotiation and/or awaiting landowners to confirm land deal type and move forward:   Canada, Ohio – USA, Ecuador, Spain, Brazil, and Colorado – USA properties.

NEC awaiting further information on potential locations in NSW Australia and other locations in Australia; Cambodia; Kauai, Hawaii, USA; Ecuador; Texas, USA; New York, USA; Mount Shasta, California, USA; South Africa; Dominican Republic, Mount Kenya; Maine, USA; Jamaica; Northeast Brazil and other Brazilian locations; Costa Rica; Portugal; New Zealand; Turkey; Puerto Rico; Colorado, USA; Canada; New Zealand; Australia; Crete, Greece; and other locations in the USA and with private citizens.


new earth recruitment

all comers are welcomed as part of the new earth team, and below are the positions that we are currently looking for talent…

  • general administrators around the world
  • translators of the NEP website and documents in the following languages: RUSSIAN – HUNDUSTANI – FRENCH – GERMAN – PORTUGUESE – BAHASA INDONESIAN
  • graphic designers
  • animators/programmers with unity experience
  • techs – specializing in 3d modelling
  • experts in editing films, post production, copy editing, etc

….as well as individuals specializing in:

  •  contract law
  •  land law
  •  legal secretarial
  •  land planning
  •  commercial management
  •  construction budgeting
  • Translators: German, Portuguese, French, Bahasa Indonesia
    Communications Administrator

    Experts in editing films, post production, copy editing

    Chief Administrator’s asssistant (preferably around GMT Time Zone)

    Required: organization, proactivity ; daily availibility and reachability
    Management Administartive Assistant
    NEN Affiliate Manager
    Affiliate Department
    Virtual Librarian
    NEN Institute Department


web developer/designer

  • senior front end Html5/Css3 designer
primary responsibilities: work with graphic artist & developers in converting Photoshop templates into re-usable, semantically valid Html5 & Css3 templates.
required skills and experience:
  • Confident knowledge and experience in hand writing Responsive Html5 & Css3
  • Cross Browser / Platform and Responsive User Interface Design and Integration
  • Adobe Photoshop
nice to have skills:
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3
  • Haml
  • Sass
  • Git
  • Javascript / Jquery / Coffeescript
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Php
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Unity 3D


New Earth Retreats (“NER”)

NER has been busy developing the following confirmed Retreat properties:
Kerala, India – currently master planning this property
Panama – currently master planning this property
Mexico –  currently master planning this property
Mexico (2nd location) – we’ll start master planning this property in February.

Expected Retreat or Retreat/Community hybrid properties:

New Zealand
Florida, USA (x2)
Virginia, USA
Queensland, Australia

Recent Retreat enquiries:

Utah, USA


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