New Earth News: Academies

The New Earth Nation is initiating both online and physical institute opportunities in an effort to provide true learning opportunities in many aspects of knowledge. The Institute’s academies seek to bypass the traditional education disinformation, offering knowledge provided by individuals, who are luminaries in their disciplines. The New Earth Academies are a living, organic platform, dynamic and changing, in alignment with conscious nature.

~ Fire ~ Tetrahedron ~ Energy ~ Solar Plexus Chakra ~

Tesla Academy – In an effort to bring higher consciousness regarding the world of new energy technologies, The Nikola Tesla Institute(1) and The Tesla Science Foundation(2) are working together. The Tesla Academy offers online presentations regarding the life of Nikola Tesla, his philosophy, inventions, and visions regarding alternative energies. The Tesla Academy is also working on research, development, and application of several energy alternatives; including establishing a global innovation laboratory and live/open source distribution of technologies.

~ Earth ~ Cube ~ Solidity ~ Root Chakra ~

Bio-Architecture – The Bio-Architecture academy combines natural materials and energetic frequencies to create environments that lead to flourishing health, and expansion of conscious mind and soul. Bio-architecture is utilized to help humanity thrive by creating synchronized frequencies between people and the planet.

Natural Energy Textiles – The Natural Energy Textile Academy focuses on the benefits of naturally occurring materials from the areas of clothing, building, soil, and many others. The damages caused by chemicals in our society are well addressed. Biological resources are of immense benefit to humans, wildlife, and nature. This academy benefits are increased further in combination with bio-architecture.

Urban Outreach – The Urban Outreach team(3) is working in conjunction with New Earth in an effort to bring sustainability knowledge to rural and urban areas. Covering many areas of sustainability including organic farming, aquaponics, water filtration, self-sufficient housing, and local energy production, Urban Outreach has already branched out to unite with various public schools, and youth and women’s shelters to educate against poverty.

~ Air ~ Octahedron ~ Movement ~ Heart Chakra ~

Youth Council – The purpose of the New Earth Nation Youth Council (NENYC) is to allow opportunity for creative expression to align with the enlightenment that is currently enveloping the planet. Some of the purposes of NENYC are to creating our own future, co-creation, and the understanding of how love, unity, and nurturing will create the New Earth, just to name a few.

~ Water ~ Icosahedron ~ Attraction ~ Sacral Chakra ~

Wellness – The Wellness Academy offers a foundation through which healing of our minds and bodies can begin, by seeking nature based living. The core principle offered is simplicity. Insights on healthy nutrition, dissolving previous damage accumulated by living in the old paradigm ways, and beneficial daily practices, such as Conscious Deep Breathing, are shared by the Wellness Academy team.

~ Ether ~ Dodecahedron ~ Space ~ Throat Chakra ~

LAW – The Academy of law offers a wide range of resources, providing education on sovereignty in all forms. Resources will include tutorial videos, a law commission, and an Internal Advisoryfor support. Due to the many different paths that can be taken in reclaiming an individual’s rights, The Academy of Law provides an outline distinguishing the difference between fiction and reality, and how it applies to individuals.

Wisdom Keeping – With the arrival of the 6th cycle of the sun comes the opportunity to evolve our frequencies and perceptions. The Wisdom Keeping Academy provides guidance and knowledge on how to re-instate ancient wisdoms, which have been lost during the past cycles. Information on how to access energies from elemental waters to the divine feminine will allow for the restoration of spirituality and heightened awareness.

Sound & Music – Stay tuned to for upcoming information on the Sound & Music Academy.

Further information about each of the Academies, as well as, information on the wonderful teams that facilitate them can be found at






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