New Earth News: The Faculties

The New Earth Nation has organized and centered the Faculties around Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Ether, also known as the “Five Great Elements”. The five great elements are commonly known as the core elements, from which the entire universe is made of. Though the attributes of each element vary slightly in different cultures, it is knowledge that has been shared since ancient times, across many civilizations. Some of the cultures who explored these elements include the ancient Greece (most likely beginning with Empedocles), to Ayurvedics, Hinduism, Chinese, ancient Egypt, and Kundalini teachings. Information on the five great elements span the areas of philosophy, health, spirituality, science, and math (each represented by a sacred geometric shape).

~ Fire ~ Tetrahedron ~ Energy ~ Solar Plexus Chakra ~

Design & Development – The Design & Development team focus on providing a biodiverse framework for sustainable structures and communities, by integrating sacred geometry and geomancy, among other things. The principles include using biomimicry and fractal materials, as part of the system to manifest structures such as the phi-dome, the trishula dome, the nautilus, the toroid and the lotus dome.

Science & Technology – The Science & Technology faculties are focusing on utilizing new technologies such as magnetic energies and water solar powers, in addition to other pathways, in order to provide universal abundance with breakthrough tools and conscious living.

~ Earth ~ Cube ~ Solidity ~ Root Chakra ~

Conservation & Ecology – Stay tuned to for upcoming information on the Conservation & Ecology Faculty.

Exchange & Commerce – The Exchange & Commerce area focuses on assisting communities to migrate from the old debt fiat currency system, into the new global gift economy, by acknowledging discernment, generosity and stewardship, and paying homage to nature’s abundance.

~ Air ~ Octahedron ~ Movement ~ Heart Chakra ~

Media & Communications – Stay tuned to for upcoming information on the Media & Communications Faculty.

Zero Point Learning – The Zero Point Learning Faculty is an area in which children are no longer confined to learning how to submit to conformity; but instead, will have the opportunity to explore their creativity and thrive in limitless transcendence, in sync with nature.

~ Water ~ Icosahedron ~ Attraction ~ Sacral Chakra ~

Health & Wellness – The purpose for the Health & Wellness faculty is to make natural healing arts and sciences available to all. This faculty covers a wide range of information for general, as well as more specific topics, revealing that our bodies have the capability for self healing.

Birth & Dying – The Birth & Dying faculty will focus on the respect of two of the most important aspects for humanity. This area will accentuate the conscious art of birthing and dying throughout community, while honoring the respectful wishes for both individuals, as well as community.

~ Ether ~ Dodecahedron ~ Space ~ Throat Chakra ~

Consciousness & Spirituality – This faculty assists in recognizing those forces which prevent humanity from reaching a zero-point heart, and then allows for the human heart to open for further exploration of what we already are; from our lineage to being in the now, as well as being one with Source.

Law & Governance – The purpose of the Law & Governance faculty is to globally expedite knowledge of human sovereignty, and to support individuals in their effort to exercise that path. Information on many topics are available, including: Tribunal for natural justice, New Earth Ubuntu political tool kit, stewardship, and a clarion call. This is where individuals can make their declaration of sovereignty.


Further information about each Faculty, as well as, information on the wonderful teams that facilitate them can be found at


1) New Earth Nation Portal –

2) Empedocles –

3) Element Shapes –

4) Attributes –

5) Chakras –


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