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Where humankind stops asking permission. The New Earth Oracle emerges as an interactive digital platform for the dissemination of knowledge & wisdom committed to those navigating between the old-world and the new-earth.

As humanity rises into a humble awareness of inherent sovereignty and boundless potential, it becomes incredibly clear that in order to thrive, we must cultivate a balanced, informed, and sustainable worldview.  The shallow, fear-based perspectives we’ve glorified by watching mainstream news and reading pop-culture magazines have proven obsolete in the world we are now creating.  To an empowered human being, such avenues of expression only subtract from the raw, lush experience of this beautiful, abundant planet, and will only prove to distract, terrorize and water down the limitless creativity we hold within.

We now have a choice to make that can deeply influence the future of our world; to continue to waste our attention and potential on ephemeral media that serves no purpose other than to keep the masses docile and confused, or to support a paradigm of intellectual freedom, where the intention of media is to inform, educate and inspire, acting as a catalyst for the evolution of humankind.  If our choice is freedom, it is time we embrace a truly transparent and honorable source of information.  That source is the New Earth Oracle, a full spectrum conscious media publication, curated and polished by NewEarth Project’s distinguished team alongside a variety of esteemed special guests:

Sacha Stone – Founder of NewEarth Project
Greg Paul – Director of NewEarth Project
Dr. Nancy Ash – Director of NewEarth University
Connie Broussard – Managing Editor of NewEarth Oracle
Catherine Kaye – Proofreader of the Sovereign Voice
Justin Deschamps – Editor-in-Chief of the Sovereign Voice
Danielle Brooks – Faculty Advisor, School of Health & Wellness, NewEarth University
Lewis Montague – Director of Scientific Research, School of Health & Wellness, NewEarth University
Michael Rice – NewEarth University Fellow
James Bernard Gilmore – Writer & Ambassador
Ryan Boyd – Editor of NewEarth Media
Noel St. John – Photographer
Frederick Malouf – Writer
Dhanesvara Das – Writer
Clive Hambidge – Writer
and many more…

NewEarth’s alternative magazine honors purity and truth in every word, acting as the sentinel of new paradigm journalism and intellectual integrity.  NEO covers diverse controversial topics ranging from Breakthrough Technology to Spiritual Philosophy, while grounding the reader in a gallery of exquisite imagery that enchants the heart and mind.

One of many incredible pieces explored in NEO issue 3 details the story of James Bernard Gilmore, who after many years of working among the global elite has uncovered confidential information which completely exposes the Federal Reserve’s corrupt agenda.  The Bankster Diaries is the first of 5 books authored by Gilmore, published through Humanitad Press.   In addition, an illuminating 3 part documentary which seeks to further illustrate the jaw-dropping revelations discovered by James Gilmore is in the production process.  This sensational saga is set to shatter all common perceptions of modern history, leaving his readers aghast at the enormity of global conspiracy which remains upon us.  Get the book here:

NewEarth Project’s groundbreaking initiatives are highlighted within each issue in order to chronicle the progress of these illustrious undertakings.  Recent works include the NewEarth – Sierra Leone large scale development project as well as the launch of New Earth University, an international platform for wisdom keeping and higher education.  All of this is blanketed by a sophisticated design that gracefully embodies New Earth Project’s core principles of Art, Beauty, and Consciousness.


A free printed copy of NEO’s latest issue was available in Ubud, Bali during the monumental grand opening of the flagship NewEarth Haven Bali which opened its doors along with the Akasha Restaurant and Juice Bar on October 8th, 2016.

You are cordially invited to join us at the NewEarth Haven Bali and the Akasha restaurant. Come and experience the unique spacial harmonics and pioneering bamboo bio-architecture, highlighting the largest natural pool on the island, our open vista sun-deck, hot rain-shower and elixir-bar!

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If you prefer a digital copy, you can read NEO 3 here:


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