New Earth Peru Blog: A Statement of Intent

Written by Greg Paul

Today we did something that we should have done a long time ago – issue a formal Statement of Intentions to the people of Aguano Muyuna…

If you’ve been reading these blogs since the beginning you may remember me talking about the villagers attitude toward us and the project, to wit – “all sounds great, count us in, but all we’ve received in the past from external groups is broken promises, so if you don’t mind we’ll believe it when we see it”… which is fair enough really! And you may also remember the exercise with the questionnaire – a series of questions I drafted to be completed by every household to build up a big picture of what the village really wants… Well, more than 5 weeks on and we haven’t received a single completed questionnaire… I was warned by Jamil that, as good an idea as it might have been, this might happen, and so we are now acting upon the general sentiment of the people during the village meeting we had, to wit – “thanks for including us in the process, but going forward please just liaise with our appointed leaders – we elected them in to office and we trust their judgment”, and have therefore prepared a Statement of our Intentions – if the village is simply waiting for us to deliver something and isn’t particularly interested in informing what that something is, then we’ll have to just tell them what we believe that something should be…

Further, anyone who knows me well enough will know that my mantra (in respect of manifestation) is “think it, speak it, write it”, and in that spirit, this formal written statement is long overdue!

So here it is, our Statement of Intent:

“We, at the New Earth Trust, have spent many years building and uniting all the pieces necessary to cause a planetary shift in human awareness and conscious activity (i.e. creating a more loving, caring and sustainable global society). Having now successfully completed much of the global initiatives which comprise the first phase of our work, and with a dedicated team of over 300 people including world-renowned figures in every area of human endeavour and expression, we are now ready to create the world’s first complete example of full-spectrum sustainability through consciousness in action. Aguano Muyuna was brought to our attention as being the ideal location for such a project…

The Aguano Muyuna New Earth Project seeks to create a living example of how a group of dedicated people, with nothing more than the resources of the land at their disposal, can create a thriving and vibrant local economy which enhances the quality of life of those whom are a part of it, and how those same people can use that thriving and vibrant local economy to facilitate projects and initiatives which engender prosperity, harmony and abundance for both themselves and all people of the earth.

Thus, as facilitator for the proposed Aguano Muyuna New Earth Project, we at the New Earth Trust have come to Aguano Muyuna with the express intention of transforming Aguano Muyuna (and the District of Chazuta) into a world-renowned, thriving hub of sustainable international trade, ecotourism and community, and more specifically to:

  • Create a range of health-conscious, earth-friendly products utilising all of the natural products produced by the people of Aguano Muyuna (and all those in the District of Chazuta and beyond) to be offered for sale directly to the international conscious consumer market, thereby generating a vastly higher level of income than producers of the region have hitherto achieved. It is intended that 100% of those funds be used to raise the living standards of the people who produce the products & to expedite the other intentions as stated herein;
  • Facilitate the complete and total independence of the people of Aguano Muyuna in all aspects of life – energy generation, waste management, legal & economic systems etc – with all services provided freely to all people;
  • Create and implement an integrated urban design plan for the existing village of Aguano Muyuna within which all other efforts will emerge;
  • Establish a New Earth Healing Centre incorporating the latest breakthrough healing modalities and traditional medicine serving both the people of Aguano Muyuna and the international community;
  • Establish a New Earth Learning Centre to host a Youth Leader Program where the children of Aguano Muyuna will learn, alongside the brightest children and young adults from around the world, the qualities needed to become the leaders of tomorrow;
  • Establish a centre for conscious birthing and dying for both the people of Aguano Muyuna and transient visitors alike who seek to use the venue for their primal experience.
  • Develop a series of ecotourism-style venues at which conscious tourists can immerse themselves in all aspects of the work which is happening in the village and greater region – sharing our work with the greater world and generating further revenues to be deployed on projects and initiatives which serve the village and project;
  • Develop a Centre of Coordination for Planetary Unification as a world-renowned facility at which all of the greatest minds of our age can cooperate and interact to deliver whole-systems solutions to the world at large which address all of the problems currently facing humanity;
  • Develop, adjunct to the Centre of Coordination for Planetary Unification, a full-spectrum research and development facility where the practical application of the latest scientific discoveries are explored for the purpose of creating new & revolutionary industry of which Aguano Muyuna and Peru as a whole will be centre-stage (including, by way of example –next generation zero-point energy devices, advanced transportation/teleportation devices, water purification technologies, advanced naturopathic healing modalities, conscious birthing practices etc.);
  • Work with indigenous elders to create a comprehensive medicinal plant and traditional remedy catalogue to preserve the indigenous wisdom which has been slowly eroded and is otherwise in danger of being lost;
  • Formulate an ecologically sound framework for Environmental Impact Assessment and Integrated Development Plan for Aguano Muyuna and the surrounding region that provisions for all development projects to be conducted in a truly sustainable fashion, and further to coordinate ongoing development of Aguano Muyuna project facilities;
  • Develop and implement a scientifically sound framework for ecosystem restoration and regeneration, aimed at increasing biological diversity and ecosystem resilience;
  • Use the example created by the Aguano Muyuna New Earth Project as the basis for a comprehensive planning development strategy encompassing sustainability of the larger geographic and ecological region (and ultimately the entire global ecosystem);
  • Coordinate courses, workshops, retreats & events for residents and visitors alike across the full-spectrum of Project practices to allow the fruits of the project to be effectively shared with the world.

In short, we seek to create a shining international example of conscious community in action – lifting the lives and awareness of all those who join us for the ride.

In Truth,


Greg Paul

Trustee & Director

New Earth Trust”


Until next time…


If you are inspired by this project and the unprecedented opportunity it presents, and you are a balanced, self-directing individual with good organisational skills, we’d love to hear from you… contact us



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