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The New Earth Sports Network is committed to providing a platform for all athletes, teams, leagues and organizations to unite and take responsibility for and control of the games they love. If we are to rid the influence of corporate profit motive from sport, we believe that we must provide every resource necessary to allow each athlete, team, league and organization to be self-sufficient. Not only do we intend to recreate the sports industry through our philosophy but we intend to maintain the philosophy so our children’s children will be able to play freely, without having to deal with corporate influence or restrictions. How will we do this? With patience, creativity, research and passion we are developing teams and gathering resources across the broad range of sport related activities – from sports media and broadcasting to acquiring hemp and cotton farms to manufacture our own uniforms.

NESN was created solely by and for the people. It was created for FUN! NESN is not affiliated with any major corporation or sports network and does not intend to be unless such alliance partners are fully aligned with the NESN philosophy. Nor however are we in competition with any other sports network or corporation, our main focus is unity. NESN is a community-based network, meaning the governance of all events and of the organisation itself is conducted by community members. NESN provides a platform for all community members to run a professional, innovative, fun and safe sporting event. By keeping NESN community-based, we preclude individual ownership and vested interests, thereby providing the conditions for a truly sustainable, exponential growth and new ideas to emerge.

o-BEACH-VOLLEYBALL-facebookNESN is partnered with Association Beach Volleyball who, in collaboration with VicBeach, held the inaugural New Earth Open in Victoria, Australia on Dec. 21, 2014. VicBeach is a private business that runs numerous beach volleyball initiatives on the sands of South Melbourne beach in Victoria, Australia. These events are run using the current rules structure or what’s known as NEW RULES or NEW SCHOOL. What Association Beach Volleyball (ABV) is seeking to do is return the game to a starting base of what’s called OLD SCHOOL RULES. The New Earth Open event on DEC 21st 2014 is an OLD SCHOOL RULES formatted tournament that VicBeach kindly offered to host for us. ABV decided to call the event the New Earth Open in order to support NESN’s core sporting ethic and build awareness of what NESN is creating. Once ABV is established throughout Australia and the beach volleyball community, we will then begin to plan and develop a world tour.

The NESN team is also now consolidating a Sport Tech team that will launch innovative projects connecting science and arts with the sports industry. x_undergearOur sportswear coordinator is now fully engaged with the task of creating the first New Earth sportswear line. The initial range will include t-shirts, hoodies, hats, warm-ups and jackets all coated with liquid resistant Nano coating from our partners at EcoTech Nano Solutions, Phase two of NESN sportswear development will see biometric uniforms integrated with nanotechnology. Biometric uniforms are NESN’s uniform of choice because they allow for real-time updates on an athlete’s body performance and condition on or off the field. To this end we are currently seeking land to grow hemp, cotton and other raw materials used in the production process in order to realise our goal of complete self-sufficiency, thereby ensuring the best of quality throughout every stage of production.

The NESN website will soon be launching as a hub for New Earth members to gain easy access to the support or resources they need to facilitate their own sporting initiatives and projects. Additionally, members will have the opportunity to watch videos, take courses, study documents, and listen to audios in their area of interest through our e-learning portal. The site will also cater to those interested in a non-athletic sports career, giving them the opportunity to gain insight on effective and safe nutrition and training plans or routines, coaching courses/tips, sustainable stadium building, media & broadcasting and much more. Fans will love the site because it will give constant updates, live coverage, sportswear, events and offer opportunities for them. The main goal for the site is to allow for every athlete, facilitator and fan to have complete control and responsibility for the sport that they love.

If you are an athlete, or sporting industry professional, or are otherwise impassioned by the NESN initiative and would like to participate, please contact us. [email protected]

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