New Ways to Build with Hemp and other Cellulose Fibres

Hemp has been one of, if not THE material resource for centuries, however the stigma that has been associated with this magnificent gift to humanity has prevented us from utilizing this crop of late. ZEOFORM are doing their best to reinstate hemp as a diverse material, introducing a new method that has been called ‘The Holy Grail of eco-materials‘, as its universal application is limited only by our imagination. Guided by sustainable business principles, and dedicated to positive planetary change, the global directive of ZEOFORM is – ‘Making Form Sustainable‘.ZEOFORM is truly 100% eco-friendly – with no glues, binders, chemicals or additives of any kind. A unique patented process produces a beautiful, versatile, extremely strong material for thousands of products used every day, worldwide.Similar in look, feel and function to a dense hardwood, ZEOFORM can be sprayed, molded or formed into infinite shapes, sizes, colours and variations – including specialized substrates for unique applications in any industry requiring woods, plastics and resins for manufacturing.For more information visit their website at 

 ZEOFORM at a glance

An Australian-based company launching a new global industry.
• An industrial strength molding material made of cellulose fibres and water.
• Made from cellulose by-products including hemp, agricultural bio-mass, recycled or discarded (de-inked) paper, cotton, rice, jute, cane, wood, bamboo and any other clean cellulose feedstock.
• Produces commercial / industrial grade material ranging from styrofoam-light to ebony-dense.
• Can be combined with dyes, minerals, substrates, sand, cement, carbon, kevlar and other elements to enhance colour, strength, flex, resilience, conductivity, waterproofing and other qualities.
• An exciting new material for architects, engineers, designers, builders, manufacturers & makers.
• Offers a sustainable solution for farmers, growers, waste managers, paper mills etc.
• Will revive declining industries (eg paper mills), offer mass employment, generate new economies.
Will help make the world a better place!

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