A New Year. A New Beginning


Written by Lee Davy, Modern Day Samurai, New Earth University, School of Consciousness & Spirituality

I’ve been reading lots of comments over the last couple of days about people reflecting on 2017, reflecting on things they accomplished, on lots of personal growth and on goals and visions for 2018.

It is a great time to reflect, assess, reassess and hone your vision for the new year’s coming attractions.

Some people have mentioned attending courses or areas of study, traveling more, taking control of their health, working harder for shorter periods, helping more people, making more money, the list goes on.

Of course the start of a new year is the best time to dust yourself off, pick yourself up and begin again more intelligently.

Reflection: Gives us the ability to see what we’ve done, steps we’ve made, mistakes we created and difficult times we’ve overcome.

Assess: Einstein said “we can’t solve our problems with the same thinking that created them”.

As we assess what we’ve spent time reflecting on, it gives us new awareness. With a greater conscious awareness comes the ability to make different choices, turn past mistakes into successes, focus on where we are going or the solutions to our current circumstances, rather than continue to be mired in the mistakes that we created (with past thinking and lesser awareness).

Reassess: Now that we’ve taken stock of past thinking, results, growth and current circumstances, we have the opportunity to decide if this is where we want to remain. Do we want to just maintain this level of fitness, job status, relationship status, habitual way of being, seeing the world and thinking…?

OR do we want to step it up a notch? Do we want to take our health and physique to an entirely new level, reach out on a limb (where all the fruit is) and quit our job to create our own business, create our own courses, speak in public, speak to the man or woman across the room that could be the love of our lives, sell the house cause we’ve always wanted to travel the world…?

What would you do if you could positively do or alter any area of your life?

Hone Your Vision: One thing I grow more certain of with each passing year is that “Life isn’t about finding yourself, Life is about creating yourself.” Perhaps more accurately stated, as you rediscover your true Self, an unfolding of that Self and all of the wonders that the Universe has in store will appear magically before your eyes.

As we continue to remember who we really are and reconnect with our Divine, Innate, Essence Selves AND each other, as we understand more fully our co-creative abilities and that we can manifest our own reality and the life of our dreams – that we are all one – we can fully let go of any preconceived notions that we don’t have control or that we are victim to external circumstance or others.

We have entered a time in which Science and Spirituality have agreed. We can measure energies and frequencies that we’ve been unable to for thousands of years, we know now that the heart is more powerful than the brain, that our thoughts are energy and yes, that we are all one and in fact are a fractal of the Universe experiencing itself through our individual perspective, feeding that experience back to the entirety with each passing billionth of a second.

With these findings, awarenesses and the right tools for Self discovery and fine-tuning of the instrument that we inhabit (our human form – body, mind and Spirit), we once again have the opportunity to move forward with the knowledge that we really can have it all.

We really can Create our Life by Design.

By altering our perceptions, how we think, how we treat ourselves, uplift our health, how we feel and what we focus on, we take our power back, we take control of our lives, our destinies and our co-creative faculties, to bring heaven back to earth and manifest the abundance, love and life we desire.

By reflecting, assessing, reassessing, honing our vision, and choosing where we spend our time and our focus, we transform old limiting beliefs, grow every day in every way and co-create the abundance and connection we all long for.

The year has just begun! It is a great time to cultivate new awareness and new tools, and maybe, a new perspective that we can make every day from here forward a New Beginning.

I feel (new beginnings) are a sign of the times – not just a New Year!

Here’s to a great one!


Originally posted @ Lee-Davy.com


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