The NewEarth University (NEU)


(2018) Compiled by the staff, faculty, and fellows at the NewEarth University

If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.  Nikola Tesla


The NewEarth University (NEU) is the new-paradigm learning arm of the movement, NewEarth Project. NEU is openly availed to all as a worldwide collaborative community of conscious women and men comprising a creative hub and chalice for wisdom-keeping and knowledge-sharing, offering new ways of being rooted in pure truth from the heart.

Established for the benefit of all living beings, it is a center of coordination for planetary stewardship and unification flourishing as a multi-faceted learning platform with a brain-trust of change-makers that do research, develop and teach unique curriculum.

At NEU we ask: What is seminal to learn on this journey of life?

Zero-point learning from the heart: Living with purpose in conscious collaboration through creative curricula of the ABCs — art, beauty, and consciousness.


a world where the interconnectedness of all life is honored and respected,

where each take responsibility for learning,

healing, and leadership in pursuit of noble expression,

and where the capacity to love – and be loved –

is the highest note in our symphony of evolved expression



to gather, embody and share knowledge

in service of human & planetary well-being

and sovereign, creative self-expression


Heartfelt Connection

Through heartfelt, conscious connection we encourage leading pioneers, movements, organizations, and educational institutions — aligned and dedicated to an open flow of ancient wisdom and diverse breakthrough technologies — to collaborate in service, to nest and flourish within NewEarth University’s evolving online (and developing on-site) Schools and related Initiatives. NEU has six Schools, each designed with two core disciplines representing the sacred feminine and divine masculine, in balance. They are:

School of Natural Law: Sovereignty; and, Self-Governance

School of Socio-Economics & Ecology: Re-Sourced Economy; and, Ecology and Regeneration

School of Science & Design Innovation: Science & Technology (NEST); and, Design & Development (D&D)

School of Health & Wellness: Conscious Birth & Dying; and, Wellness Sovereignty

School of The Living Arts: The Arts (Sound & Music, Visual and Performing Arts); and, Learning & Education

School of Consciousness & Spirituality: Spirituality; and, Conscious Practice



New Educational Pathway

A new pathway to pure-truth, conscious learning, and enlightened growth is not a futuristic goal; this critical bridge is evolving here and now.  At NEU we share without discrimination – dynamically bypassing old-paradigm polluted academia and media-manipulated disinformation that has defiled the beauty of real learning.


NEU’s core educational methodology (pedagogy) is:

teach & learn – learn & teach

Catalyst for Full-Spectrum Change

The University is host (and co-creator) for international symposia, inspiring Web TV programs, and presents core content for the NewEarth Oracle magazine (known as NEO) – stunning in substance and aesthetic.  Enjoy Issue 3 our gift to you showcasing NewEarth’s ABCs of art, beauty and consciousness (see page 24 about NEU as it morphed from the former NE Institute in 2016).

This new-paradigm learning community facilitates life-changing courses, workshops, programs, retreats, seminars, and training platforms to support its related Initiatives, the global NewEarth Haven Community network… and beyond.

Through complimentary online toolkit content materials from each of NEU’s Schools, discover practical treasures to inform full-spectrum change — in your life, for your community, and our planetary condition.

Resource Repository

NewEarth University’s library of complimentary resources was created – and is organically curated – by a passionate, seasoned staff of scholars, faculty and esteemed fellows – devoted experts renowned in their fields of endeavor.

NEU’s creative new-paradigm curricula is designed to empower, educate, inspire, encourage, motivate and challenge all to embrace the pure-truth – our inherent sovereignty and divinity.

UN-Learn… heal, and evolve with us.

Join the heroic journey to a new way of being… that’s REAL education.

Excerpted from pages at the NewEarth University portal.

For more information about NEU and affiliation, contact the University Chancellor, Dr. Ash at: mailto:[email protected]



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