NewEarth University Program – Voices of NewEarth: Living Natural Energies (in Bali)

NewEarth University’s School of Science & Design Innovation (SDI) is delighted to share this presentation (recorded l!ve) featuring senior science faculty advisor and fellow Thomas J Brown, faculty chief bio-architect, Juan Schlosser and renowned scalar technology expert on the faculty, Dr. Don Paris.

In 2018 they all joined together with BioGeometry specialist Linda Zselenak for a special 2-hour program, Voices of NewEarth, at the NE Haven – Bali.  Chock-full of cutting-edge slide presentations, this is now available for study as a complimentary video.

Topics covered in this extraordinary gathering:

•Sacred Geometric Structure of Water •Mysterious Properties of Water •BioGenerative Energies in Flowing Water •Atmospheric Orgone Energy & Effects on Life •BioGeometric Interfaces with Living Energies •BioArchitecture for Increased Life Force & Higher Awareness

Life & Consciousness are astonishingly absent from the foundations of modern science. Yet are they not the driving force of our existence?  This is a presentation of living energies readily found in natural processes, with evidence of their profound beneficial effects upon life, that which has been suppressed and ignored in mainstream materialistic science.



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