‘From No Thing, From Everything’ – The Visionary Art of Mike Lo


Written by Jennifer Sodini

Art is one of the greatest gifts to humanity, as it helps separate us from the animal kingdom by allowing us to express ourselves. Art is the expression of the self, through a variety of mediums. The artist can communicate these ideas without saying a word…the magick is realized when we find that something outside of ourselves is making an impact on our psyche, while allowing us to perceive the reflection of a moment experienced. If art doesn’t make an impression, it isn’t art.

The earliest forms of artistic expression found their way to us through symbols. We gave meaning to these symbols, as they’ve imprinted a meaning in our psyche.  We ignore the power in symbols, and forget their history, but it is important to ask ourselves why are we drawn to these symbols in the first place. Why is it that some symbols make an impact on us, even when we’ve never seen them before? Something in the back of your mind is asking you, “did you really forget?!” . Something in the front of your mind is saying, “where did I see this before?” Have you ever wondered if your subconscious mind runs deeper than this lifetime?

Mike Lo is an artist from Cleveland, OH. He found his rhythm early on, and began experimenting with various styles before finding his “voice”.  Using forms of geometry, mixed with silk screening techniques, and street art ethos – he comes from the skateboard to the canvas, evolving into ‘being’. The authenticity of his creations, come from an unconscious wisdom that seems to be guiding him. He describes his art with primordial symbols that evoke a sense of familiarity when met with a glance.  The impression of his understanding, purpose and meaning has been speaking to you since the dawn of time, whether you chose to listen or not.  Mike understands the power of these symbols, and their ‘akashic’ connection to our DNA.  We are taught to avoid these symbols, for fear of something that modern man is overcoming at this moment in time. When fear becomes the illusion, our perception of the outside world becomes a multi dimensional experience. Mike Lo find’s a way to open us up to the possibilities, using symbols and imagery that communicates directly to the spirit and welcome’s us to an age of gnosis and immortal light.

These symbols have been following humanity since we’ve implemented linear time, and yet, they’ve been hidden from us, as a means to not disrupt the order of our daily lives. The intention was to further the progress of each moment leading us to where we stand now, on the edge of a technological, dystopian prophecy. The primordial urges of the collective are yearning to rediscover our nature, reclaiming the rites of our human experience, and the immortality of our being. Mike’s art has a way of taking you to that astral realm, where you have ascended the initiation and steps of the pyramid, placing your third eye at the top. Understanding the purpose of our physical experience in the 3rd dimensional plane is a projection of our mind. The secret is using your heart, in tandem with your mind, and creating from a place of love. You can feel that from Mike’s work, because that magic, inspired the commitment of these words, to his work.

To connect with Mike, be sure to check out his website The Mike Lo, and follow him on Twitter +Instagram.

Originally posted @ Evolve & Ascend


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