The Normans and Saxon Law – Sir John Walsh of Brannagh


The ITNJ is an Independent International Tribunal Mandated By the People, For the People

Most courts in the world are completely controlled by for-profit government corporations. The people have no voice in what passes for systems of justice. The systems claim we delegated them the authority, but we never did. Kings claimed the divine right to rule, then governments claimed the right of kings. The people never agreed to be subjects of the kings.

We the People are now standing to reclaim sovereign birthright. We are duty-bound to stop the violence that passes for Rule of Law. The ITNJ gives us the mechanism to hold agents of justice systems accountable for injury caused to people in the name of government. Injury includes stolen birthrights, stolen homes, stolen property, stolen children, and stolen lives.

Step into the Light with ITNJ Chief Justice Sir John Walsh of Brannagh, who shares his knowledge of the current systems of law, offering insights into how we can change our actions to achieve truth, peace and justice.

“Who guards us from the guardians?” – Sir John Walsh of Brannagh

The ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry Dossier gathers in one file examples of human trafficking, child sex abuse rings, satanic ritual abuse, and MK-Ultra mind control, focusing primarily on cases involving those at the highest echelons of government and society.

Information on most cases has been in the public domain for years, thus inclusion for publication in this dossier prior to Commission of Inquiry hearings will not prejudice presentation of evidence to be heard.

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Your signature on the ITNJ Treaty is of critical importance. Nothing less than a worldwide mandate is needed for change of this magnitude to occur. If you have not already done so, please take the time to sign the Treaty mandating the establishment of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice. Then please invite your friends and family to add their voices to this chorus. The voices of the People of the World, in the form of our signatures on the ITNJ Treaty, are an irrefutable global mandate for a fair and just court outside the jurisdiction of corrupt governments and corporations.

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