“NOT-ENOUGHITIS” Why Do So Many Of Us Always Feel That There Is Something Missing?


Written by Elina St. Onge

The current definition of success goes something like this: Hustle hard. Sacrifice. Reach for the top. Push harder. Don’t slow down. Keep your eye on the prize. Happiness is at the finish line.

The thing is, we know by now that even some the richest, most successful “hustlers” out there can end up depressed, burnt out, full of anxiety, with no time to enjoy their lives, and without the satisfaction they believed their success would bring. So what’s wrong with this picture? What is it that we are missing? Isn’t it time we redefine success?

We Have Forgotten Life’s Operating Manual

Feeling like we can never relax and enjoy our lives just yet doesn’t happen because we haven’t accomplished our goals. Feeling light, expansive, and playful isn’t supposed to be a distant childhood memory. When our lives start to feel heavy instead of light, and our being feels contracted rather than expansive, it isn’t because “that’s just how life is.” It is because in one way or another, we are living out of alignment with the fundamental principles of Life.

Life may not come with an operating manual on paper, but it absolutely exists. Just like a flower is imbedded with the intelligence and know-how to blossom in the right environment, we humans also hold the inner potential and knowing that would allow us to effortlessly grow and thrive in every aspect of our lives. We simply have forgotten it behind the pile of clutter, baggage, and limiting stories we choose to believe instead!

“Truth, like gold, is to be obtained not by its growth, but by washing away from it all that is not gold.”

– Leo Tolstoy

The following video features Kosta Stoyanoff of Uplifted Life, who completely debunks the old story of success and replaces it with one that will resonate with the very core of your being. Are you ready to make the shift? Have you already?

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