Nuclear Love


Written by Chris Sausser


The planet is reeling from intense energies entering our atmosphere from strong solar winds, .  It is the climax of the last nine years, bringing many cycles, situations, and relationships to a close.  Geomagnetic storms have been prevalent the last weeks, driving our evolution to a higher consciousness and rattling the planet with huge earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.  Those who already live a higher frequency may just experience that time is racing and things are hectic, while those who hold a lower frequency may be anxious, stressed and find life challenging.

The answer to everything is love – nuclear love!  More people expressing themselves through love, will stabilize and harmonize the planet.  And this includes loving everyone, not just the cute and cuddly.  Love all political parties, all religions, cultures and even those we would rather hate, like murderers, terrorists, pedophiles and others.  They are part of the whole, so they must be recognized and integrated.

Is that easy? No, but it is the only way.  Try it starting as soon as you finish reading this post.  Make it your priority each and every day, each and every moment – be in the moment and don’t be drawn into constant monitoring of your cell phone. Just be.  Give it a try.  Use your breath more.  Take deep powerful breaths and connect with who you really are.  When was the last time you did that?  Never?  It’s time.  The ramped up energies are calling for you to be present.  Tomorrow the Winter Solstice in my hemisphere and the Summer Solstice from down under is when our Sun conjuncts our Galactic Center in the Milky Way.  Our solar system is traversing far flung parts of our galaxy increasing the photonic light coming into the planet.  It’s not a coincidence, it’s part of our evolution into beings of light with a higher and brighter vibration.  Some of you know exactly what I am saying and have been experiencing tremendous flow and transformation in your lives.  Others are just now sensing the changes.

In a time when politics have been so divisive and Aleppo is being blown to smithereens and it’s population annihilated, you must be love.  It would be great if you could send donations to help the refugees survive, but it is more important for you to love them, send them love and light throughout the day, send them prayers whenever you are stopped at a stoplight or your cell rings.  Quantum physics says where thoughts go, energy flows.  Flow the energy to the suffering.  Flow energy to our politicians that they use wisdom and love to govern.  Hold the ideal of a peaceful planet in your mind. Send love and miracles will happen.  So simple, yet not so easy to accomplish.  If a large portion of the population did it, the world would change.  But we must be the love.  Talk about it at your holiday celebrations.  Sure, your family might think you’ve gone mad, but that’s the place where miracles begin, where people stop believing that the world is flat.  So, go on, be a radical.  Start letting people know that love is the answer.  Do not be drawn into hostility and doom and gloom.

There are so many lightworkers on the planet right now, praying and lighting the way. carlos-santana

You just don’t know they are here.  And you can be one of them.  Just let love guide your heart in everything you do.  Make a conscious effort to be LOVE and you will start to see miracles in your own life.  They start out as small surprises.  The more you become love and shine light from source, the bigger the miracles in your life will be and you won’t consider being any different.

I wish you all the happiest of holidays.  Connect with your loving core and share it freely and you will bring in a New Year flowing with transformation.  If you resonate with this message, please share.

My book, READY OR NOT HERE IT COMES is available on Amazon and I do natal charts which provide guidance and insight to the energies present in your life and how to be proactive rather than reactive.  Contact me at [email protected] .  Many bright blessings to all.  Don’t forget to


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