One Billion Rising 2015

New Earth Nation along with New Earth Media is proud to be part of the sponsors to an upcoming event on February 14th 2015 in Washington D.C. – One Billion Rising 2015 

Some of the members of these sponsors as well as other local D.C. organizations are also looking to begin building a New Earth Nation Community just outside of the Washington D.C. area. If you would like to get involved in helping build this community, New Earth Nation and New Earth Media will be providing further updates as they become available.

We are very excited to begin 2015 with helping to raise awareness of the ongoing global issue of violence against women and to begin to manifest a beautiful new community of awakened hearts right outside the lion’s den of Washington D.C.  Hope you will join us. – JD


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One Billion Rising 2015 ~ Lets Rise Flashmob Style!!

Location: Meridian Hill Park

Washington, District of Columbia 20009


We are so excited to announce that One Billion Rising 2015 is coming up and we are Ready!! ♥ Last year was such a success at Meridian Hill Park, we’ve decided to host it there again. We will be hosting a Flashmob Dance to the powerful song “Break the Chain” to make a Big statement that Violence Against Women is NOT okay! It truly is time to Break this Chain.

Listen Here:


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So, lets all gather ’round, brothers & sisters, in Unity & Purpose and raise awareness to help put an end to violence against women around the world. Cassandra, Stacie, Jen Young & I (Monica Hayes), understand that this problem is multi-layered, but we believe raising awareness about it is the first step. This can no longer be something we pretend doesn’t exist & isn’t so widespread. It is time to take it on as a community.

Cassandra Deva Alls, Jen Young and I ( Monica Hayes) will be hosting a number of events for the rest of the year that follow through on this theme of women’s empowerment & healing rifts between the genders that lead to such violence through, our movement – Shakti Rising DC!!! We welcome your Participation!!

~*FUN FACT*~ The group “Shakti Rising” was born out of One Billion Rising 2014 last Febuary! 😉

**2015 EVENTS**
Shakti Rising – Healing through Ecstatic Dance – (4th Saturdays)
DC Wellness Tree – Monthly Community Building Mixers – (4th Sundays)
Women’s Circles – Playful Goddess (4th Fridays) & Inner Diva Circle
Tantric Workshops – Tantra in Every Day Life
Divine Partnership – Healing the Masculine & Feminine
Brother Men’s Group – Standing in Shiva
Gift Economy – Book club/Discussion – (3rd Wednesdays)

And many other Fun Collaborations within the Community! Through the Wellness Tree, I envision weaving us ALL Together in Common Purpose!

To support this work & for Free Admission to above Events – Please Donate $10 (monthly) & become a “Root Member” of the DC Wellness Tree. You won’t regret it!! ♥

About the Facilitators ~

Monica Hayes – I have described much of my work & vision above.

Cassandra Deva Alls – The Holistic Diva @ A vastly, rich place to learn about Holistic Living & Cassandra’s powerful Bodywork – She comes Highly recommended!!! ♥

Jen Young – Founder of Spitfire Fitness Arts – Jen is a powerful yoga instructor & personal trainer with a background in dance & martial arts. She incorporates kriyas, pranayama, deep core work, holding of poses and meditation into a creative and playful vinyasa flow asana practice.

Stacie Reimer – Founder of the Amara Legal Center – The Amara Legal Center provides free legal services to individuals whose rights have been violated through commercial sex. It is the only one of its kind in DC! ♥

New Earth Nation along with New Earth Media are a few of the proud sponsors supporting this event.


We are changing the World one Rising Voice at a Time! Thank you for your valuable contribution!!

Love you always ♥


Monica Hayes