One Peoples Roundtable with Mel Ve and Sacha Stone

Monday night on the One People Roundtable Discussion, Lisa, Brian and I talk to Sacha Stone and Mel Ve

Oh What a show it is!!!! This weeks One People Roundtable Discussion is a doozy! We pre-recorded the show Sunday for Monday nights show time- prerecorded because we were on 4 continents and couldn’t get everyone together at the same time, lol- and was an incredible morning of awesome conversations with amazing people.

For over two and a half hours Lisa, Brian, Sacha, Mel and I dig deep into the topics of CERN- what CERN IS and What “They” are using it for- the occult aspects of control that are and have been used on this planet for eons, including blood rituals and sacrifices- such as we saw in the Germanwings plane crash on Tuesday. We also discuss the Realms of the Controllers and our perspectives on what that means for humanity.




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