Principles – the life or death of you?

I was born the son of a police man. He was an incredibly moral, decent and highly principled man. I always admired this – it felt true. As a child I knew that it was an admirable quality – to have principles and stay true to them – I was magnetised to it. And yet those around him always said “Your principles will be the death of you”. Really they were simply reflecting what my grandfather had always told him. My grandfather was a truly wise man – in fact I only discovered a few years ago that, shortly after the second world war whilst he was still under conscription to the army, that he had initiated a think-tank, in the army, on how to create the kingdom of heaven on earth! He got it; he saw the potentiality of the human species; he, unlike my father, never fell prey to the notion that ‘human nature’ was anything other than perfect at its core. And yet he always told my father that his principles would be the death of him…

Admiring this quality of high-principles, I always maintained them myself and, at times, they certainly did cause me some trouble! But a point in time came at which that stopped happening…

Back in 2008 I was bitten by the sovereignty bug – I KNEW it stood in truth and, albeit that I did not have my expression of it down to a tee, I was driven to stand by this principle with all that I had… no matter what the cost. The following two years were the most challenging, destructive, illuminating, life-affirming days of my life. I grew and evolved more in these two years than at any other time in my life. I look back on these days with the fondest of memories, considering them the best of my life, for one simple reason – that the sense of fulfilment that comes with being the brightest of lights in a world of darkness is truly incomparable.

Fast forward to today and that same thing is emerging again – this time the principle is pure love – and I cannot help but hold it higher than all other things. It has become the core of who and what I am in each moment; I am driven to express it without compromise, all the time, wherever I am; I care not what the rest of the world thinks of this ridiculously outward display – actually it makes them so incredibly uncomfortable it is startling! But I simply cannot hold back from expressing it to the fullest extent I am capable of, all of the time. And through this uncompromising commitment to love, my capacity for love increases exponentially each new day. I wake up feeling like my heart will burst from my chest if I allow any more love in my life, but each new day I do just that, and my heart expands its reach to allow for this ever increasing capacity.

The conclusion I have come to from all of this is that my grandfather was right – from a certain perspective. He was right that my fathers principles would be the death of him – (though he is still with us) they certainly have been. But I wonder, if my grandfather had been speaking to someone who he knew lived each day following the call of their heart and intuition, if he would have expressed a different view…

It is of course now crystal clear to me what is the truth amongst all this – that one who is living from the illusion of their individual self, maintaining absolute conviction for the principles that express through the filter of their mind, will find themselves in a downward spiral – their principles will be the death of them. Whereas one who is living in truth, from their heart, and maintains absolute conviction toward the expression of the principles that they have (principles themselves that reflect natural law itself), will be born anew each day.

This, actually, is natural law in action…


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