Promising beginnings for the New Earth Promissory: New Earth Exchange


hello beautiful people!

We wrote to our members recently to invite them to particiapte in the New Earth Promissory system. In the few days since that time, more than 20% of the 20,000 Promissories currently offered have already been taken…

By taking this opportunity now to obtain New Earth Promissories means that you can:


  • Store your value somewhere where it wont be used to fund life-depleting projects and investments
  • Begin saving for a home in a New Earth Community
  • Insulate yourself from the effects of inflation and currency devaluations

Participate now in this one of a kind opportunity


what we’ve done so far

Until now members of the New Earth team have had the opportunity to receive Promissories as acknowledgement of the amazing contribution they are making to the manifestation of a New Earth (from Founder or Director to Administrator or film-maker everyone may receive one promissory for each hour of committed energy expended).

Whilst not everyone on the team chooses to accept promissories for the time they gift freely to New Earth, the system has been so popular that over 100,000 hours of committed energy have been legitimately credited as promissories within the system!

And by (we anticipate) the end of January 2015, in just a few short weeks time, the system will be developed sufficiently that you will be able to begin using New Earth Promissories to transact with other New Earthers – thus begins true sovereign trade and exchange between real sovereign men and women! This is the New Earth Exchange in action and it begins with us, here, now.

Join the party

With love

The New Earth team


p.s. please check out our FAQ to have your questions answered