Purpose of the New Earth Design & Development Faculty

“Redefining design & development practices to serve and enhance the human and planetary ecology”

Statement of Purpose

The man-made spaces which have come to be indicative of human society no longer serve us. We are slowly beginning to see that it is only through the sensitive integration of man-made environments with their natural surroundings that a more balanced and harmonious existence can be realized; that when a man made environment is designed from an understanding and realization of the intrinsic energetic aspect that exist throughout all nature, we will naturally re-enter into a symbiotic relationship with the environment, becoming the pinnacle of architectural expression.

Our purpose at the New Earth Design & Development Faculty is simply to explore the conscious application of the science of sacred space – allowing us to re-define the ways in which we create and relate to the environments we inhabit.

Our undertaking is one which supports the creation and maintenance of all New Earth communities and venues, in all their many shapes and colors, in all matters relating to design and development components of the New Earth Blueprint. Thus we:

  • Conduct Research & Development covering all aspects of sustainable and sacred design and development.
  • Provide a framework with which design & development professionals, innovators, eco-builders, artists and conservationists cooperate to deliver New Earth aligned developments.
  • Provide life-affirming tools and resources to all people and communities throughout the New Earth network and beyond.

Objectives for 2015/2016

  • Establish an operational headquarters for New Earth Trust
  • Facilitate the design and development of phase 1 New Earth Communities
  • Develop a Faculty toolkit to support New Earth Communities & members in creating and maintaining their living and working environments in harmony with the natural world
  • Continue to support the development of the New Earth Community Portal as the social interactive framework which intuitively matches people to land, to resources and to knowledge in order to support the creation of unlimited New Earth Communities
  • Continue aligning exemplary technologies, materials, modalities and individuals with the Design and Development Faculty

What this all means to you

From 2015 onwards this represents the very real and grounded opportunity to create your own communities and living spaces using our infrastructure to support and enhance your project.  Access our template designs, design services, consultants, technologies and much more to realize YOUR dream of YOUR New Earth.


The New Earth Design & Development Faculty espouses a new metric for the creation of man-made elemtsspaces. This metric:

  • Employs the New Earth Blueprints five element view which connects the platonic solids with the five elements and the principles they each represent.
  • Utilizes these principles to redefine architectural process, thereby facilitating the creation of man-made environments which harmonize with the natural world.
  • Mirrors the fractal processes employed throughout the entire universe to create and sustain all life, so that our man-made spaces themselves become biological capacitors that support growth, enhance consciousness, and accelerate the evolutionary process.


Design Principles

There are three fundamental inputs to the realization of this metric


Present everywhere, the building blocks of life

creative impetus:

The wise application of enlightened design principles


The embodiment of the core principles of the other aspects of human life (such as those enunciated by the other faculties of the new earth institute).

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