Racketeering Love Triangle: Monsanto, FDA, Big Pharma


Written by Kelly Stone, Investigative Reporter

Though there are many different diet and health philosophies in our society, nearly everyone can agree that the habitual intake of modified and denatured foods can eventually lead to a loss in health and vitality.

Highly processed foods are being linked to more and more health problems, but if one were suspicious, one might wonder… if there were really evil people in the world, might they use this knowledge to their advantage?

But are there really “evil people” in the world? Are there actually people out there who would knowingly and intentionally undermine the health of others? Oh you bet your sweet bippy.

But why? Just tilt your reading glasses this way and discover one of the biggest rackets in human history, à la “Food and Drug”.
How does this racket operate? Here’s one example:

Got Milk? Big Pharma sure hopes so – so long as it’s not the “raw stuff” humans have been drinking safely for thousands of years, of course.

According to researcher and cardiologist Dr. Kurt A Oster, M.D., homogenized milk is a Trojan horse delivery mechanism for “XO” (xanthine oxidase), a superoxide producing enzyme in milk that, as a result of the homogenization process, finds its way through our intestinal walls and into our circulatory system where it essentially punches holes in arteries and heart tissue, creating lesions.

Our amazing human bodies respond to this crisis by tirelessly patching the onslaught of reoccurring damage, which eventually leads to a buildup of fatty tissue and cholesterol.

It’s just a matter of time before one is diagnosed with “high blood pressure”, “high cholesterol”, “hypertension”, “circulatory or coronary disease”, or any number of related disorders.

Ah milk; it does a body good, no? One thing is for certain, it does the pharmaceutical industry even better.

Enter the all-time top sellers in Pharmacia: “statins”, “anticoagulants” or “antiplatelet” drugs.

These, and other copious cornucopias of pharmacopeia, garner hundreds of billions of dollars during the lifetime of each drug. Big Pharma is big money. Your suffering is their gain.

In order to protect their lavish research and marketing investments, biotech and pharmaceutical companies lobby Congress to legislate on their behalf.

And, what good are laws or regulations without a private police force to enforce them, and a propaganda machine to counter alternative opinion?

Enter the Food and Drug Administration (“for the administration of food and drug racketeering, of course”).

When research showed that red yeast rice extract could replace many statin drugs, the FDA went after the natural supplement with a vengeance.

Now the FDA is attacking the raw milk industry, invading natural food markets during business hours, guns drawn, terrorizing patrons and farmers.

What is the purpose of such a display? Whose interests are really being served?

Monsanto owned the rights to recombinant bovine growth hormone (rBGH) which is used to increase milk production in doped up dairy cows and has been linked to colon and breast cancer.

Eli-Lilly, a pharmaceutical company, took rBGH off Monsanto’s hands for $300 million. Could there be a link?

Recently, in other Monsanto related news, when a bee keeper in Illinois provided research suggesting Monsanto’s Round-Up was killing off bee populations, the government trumped up false allegations and proceeded to steal his hives and run him out of business.

But why does there seem to be so much government action on behalf of one corporation? Where’s the logic? A better question may be, “Where’s the connection?”

Meet Michael R. Taylor, Deputy Commissioner for the FDA. In 1981 he worked for the law firm, King & Spalding, where he lobbied for Monsanto and established the firm’s “food and drug law” practice.

In 1991, he moved over to the FDA to fill a newly created position, Deputy Commissioner of Policy. Between 1994 and 1996, he did a stint at the U.S. Department of Agriculture as the Administrator of Food Safety.

Then he returned to King & Spalding, then to Monsanto as VP for Public Policy, and today, he is again, a senior advisor to the FDA, occupying yet another newly created position, Deputy Commissioner of Foods.

Taylor is just one example of the “revolving door” policy that exists between private corporate interests and the agencies that exist for their benefit.

When a corporation or a group of corporations become large enough, powerful enough, the government ceases to regulate them, and instead becomes a thug, regulating the competition on their behalf.

So the game is, Monsanto controls the food, Big Pharma controls the drugs. Both lobby Congress for legislation and the FDA is the hired gun that stands in the middle to protect their interests.

One hand offers the poison while the other offers the remedy.

If anyone comes along to resist, or offers a healthy alternative, like raw, non-homogenized, non-growth hormone milk, or an all-natural remedy like red yeast rice extract, the FDA is there for the proverbial smack down; to raid, seize, and destroy.

Is it any wonder, given more than 40% of the FDA’s budget comes from the private sector they purport to regulate?

Doesn’t it seem like just good business to take extra-special care of your largest paying clients; even if it means a little malfeasance on the side? I suppose, if you’re “evil”, it does.

That, my friends, is good old fashioned racketeering in my opinion, and it’s time we put an end to it.

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