Receiving Help to Heal

How does one deal with perceived perfection and facing the continual challenges that life can bring? Often when one presents their healing abilities as a professional and people start to seek their guidance an unhealed side of the person might come out. This part that is coming up to be healed could be a need or urge to be perfect, or to fix everything yourself, or to appear advanced and free of life’s ups and downs.

I urge you, if you are increasing your accountability and commitment on any level to your community to remind yourself it is okay to receive help.  Healing others can be a way to fast forward self-improvement and when opportunities to heal and grow increase having a sturdy support system increases one’s success in shining through the challenge. The rest of my article is one aha moment I experienced with an amazing coach which lead me further into my power and security in my abilities and worth as a person. I then was able to bring my new perspective and knowledge to share in a playshop that I facilitated a few days later.

Sometimes doing our best is reaching out and asking for help. Sometimes doing our best is fully receiving the help we ask for exactly in the manner that our help comes packaged. My journey which was triggered in a transitioning of a close relationship evolved from noticing sadness in my body, to noticing underneath my sadness was a canyon of grief. In the past if I touched a dark feeling and saw it only unearthed more of this feeling I would experience overwhelm and attempt to disconnect or ignore or run away from what I unearthed.

My new choice this time around was to face my grief head on 125% and with more ammo of love than the canyon of grief I saw. I asked for help and received amazing support and safe space to process with one of my friends who is an amazing coach. She held me accountable to stay and face the feelings and physical symptoms I was avoiding doing the practice on my own. I was able to see my canyon of grief came up because I was now able to and ready to address what I experienced in the past. What I previously experienced was stuffing my feelings down and checking out of my physical and emotional world at a young age.

I healed myself for the first time in a dynamic, methodical, and melodic way. I started by slowing down and feeling my initial hurts as an elementary school aged child. From soothing my hurts I gained awareness of my miracles, my truths, and my tools to approaching the emotion of grief. Once I took these steps my canyon of grief turned into a crater which turned into solid ground. I had found my zero point of stillness, experiencing fully being solid and sturdy.

This gave me the opportunity to focus more on my current trajectory of 2014. I saw this year as a return to simplicity, a year where I am ending and completing a cycle, and remembering to rest. I learned implementing all that I mentioned into my present moment and moving forward with this new knowledge means I do everything for ME. I get to not only know but this time FEEL in my emotional body happiness with relating based on MY requirements and security and safety first.

My coach seamlessly guided me from feeling stuck to e-motion to naming and claiming my miracles. She stayed with me until I had my home run fully healing my grief into joy! In my opinion everyone benefits from having coaches and support systems to make our ‘engines’ sparkly clean.




Jessica Crystal Joy is a feminine empowerment educator that has been studying spiritual and metaphysical work since 2001. She provides articles, workshops, and presentations geared towards women being confident in speaking their desires and requirements in their life to their community using their intuition and deep connection with their bodies. She is known for quickly creating an environment of safety and expansion to go beyond a person’s past limited belief systems while explicitly and providing practical ways to be and live from a deeper empowered state of being in her clients day to day lives. She has a B.A. in Psychology and is a Certified Tantra Educator, Certified Angel Intuitive Guide, a member of the Holistic Living Network, Yogi, creative writer for New Earth Media, blogger and social media/website maintainer, meditation teacher, professional speaker, essential oils expert, Mastery Systems student, healer, vegan, light language student, and a proud adopted dog parent.