This Recording of Crickets Slowed Down Actually Sounds Human


Written by Jennifer Sodini

The recording featured in the video below is from composer Jim Wilson, who  recorded the sound of crickets (track 1), then slowed down the recording (track 2). *Remember…there are absolutely no human voices in this recording, it is 100% all cricket.*


The result is nothing short of amazing as it further reveals the magnificence of nature, and how beautiful life truly is even when further magnified at such a smaller level. The crickets sound like an angelic symphony performing in the opera which we call life.

To me, personally, this serves as a reminder that life is to be examined and appreciated, as nothing is ever completely as it seems (nor as it seems is it completely ever as it is).

Constantly lift the veil, and appreciate the subtle ways God/universal energy/life force/whatever you wish to call it is hidden all around us.

Originally posted @ Evolve & Ascend


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