Remembering to See the Forest Through the Trees


Written by Jennifer Sodini

“Though life may not always go the way you please, remember to always see the forest through the trees…” 

As a child of the 90’s I grew up being absolutely OBSESSED with fantasy films such as The Dark Crystal, The Labyrinth, and (of course) The Neverending Story. As an adult who frequently likes to speak in metaphor, when it comes to explaining life, I like to use the landscape of The Neverending Story to explain my point of view, from a very cerebral perspective.


Why I say this, is because the landscape portrays the essence of life, the arduous journey it presents, and the power of imagination, and owning of your true self throughout all adversity. The protagonist, Atreyu, has to go on the ultimate journey, with no weapons, other than his consciousness and heart to guide him. He has to trek through the “swamps of sadness” (*see video above*) and not allow fear, depression, and misery cause him to drown in despair. He continues to face obstacle after obstacle only in the end to be confronted with the hardest task, which is looking in the ultimate mirror of truth, and confronting of his true self (*see video below*).


Such is life. We are brought to this planet to walk a path that is equally filled with joy as it is with obstacle, and the journey is long, mysterious, and quite difficult at times. Our only real weapon in the “fight” through life is our hearts/minds which serve as our ultimate navigator. We must trudge through the moments in life that want to drag us down into the dark abyss of sadness, and not allow fear to let us suffer, suffocate, or succumb. Ultimately, the final, most important lesson we learn on our path is finding out who we really are, and why we are really here.

During the times in life where we must be this type of “spiritual warrior” it may be hard to see the forest through the trees, and our inner demons can cause us to lose focus on the “big picture”. The big picture is our own Neverending Story because life, in it’s purest form, is about discovery, creation, destination, and (as I firmly believe) reincarnation. The cycle is undying, constant, and infinite, and our purpose on the planet is to learn, evolve, and ascend to become the next best, possible person we can be. For this life, and for our future lives…the story never ends.

To learn even more about the hidden symbolism in The Neverending Story, read the full esoteric analysis by Jay Dyer by clicking here.

Originally posted @ Evolve & Ascend


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