Resurrection Happens All the Time in Nature


” I died as a mineral and became a plant, I died as a plant and rose to animal, I died as an animal and I was Man. Why should I fear? When was I less by dying?” – Rumi

Resurrection is not just ‘a superstitious religious story written in the bible’, its a real phenomenon that happens all the time in nature.

If you are going through hell right now, but you are responding with love; you are doing the most important work of our times.

This is the story of turning the other cheek after getting hit in the face, and being willing to be crucified for the sake of unraveling our collective karma and helping humanity on this planet to reach a higher state of existence.

This is the story of Christ-, Buddha-, Krishna-, Mithra- and Zarathustra Consciousness.

This is the story of the ultimate alchemist, which by being united with oneness, is able to transform negative & destructive energy into positive & constructive energy.


Because of the shift of the ages, and the iterated version of reality that just begun to take shape; our somewhat dark collective Karma on earth is seriously coming to surface in order to be unraveled and transformed into something completely different.

So If you are going trough hell right now; just keep going, for there is light at the end of the tunnel. There is collective transforming, higher consciousness & the evolution of mankind to a higher way of Being, just around the corner!


Every single action that occurs within the entire universe is recorded and documented in the so called Akashic records.

This is a plane of existence which lays behind the manifestation of the material world. Much like the codes that lay behind the manifestation of a computer software. This realm works a bit like a databank of knowledge and wisdom for All-that-is, but it also functions as a mirror. This is the realm where our collective karma is stored and mirrored back to us. All for the purpose of self-realization, growth and expansion of consciousness.

A few layers outside singularity, which is at the core of Existence (the unified field, source, oneness, Love), there is a layer of duality. In this realm of existence; there is a constructive & positive force which is at play with a destructive & negative force. This is the great cosmic dualistic play. The great cosmic drama!

cosmic drama2For thousands of years, and perhaps even longer, planet Earth has been going through a phase where the negativity & destructive force has been the slightly more dominant force.

During this era, this force has conspired and manifested a world and a system which has systematically accumulated negativity and darkness in the material world on earth, which is also reflected in the Akashic records. This has been allowed to happen by Source because of a natural cycle of darkness which just came to closure on December 21, 2012, marking the beginning the cycle of enlightenment & iterated reality.

Now this shift may take 1-2 generations to fully complete, but it has already begun and we are right now living right in the middle of it.

However; unlike the popular new age belief, everything will not turn in to love and light all by itself; It requires active participation of ALL OF US. Whether we like it or not; we are ALL involved in this cosmic drama and we are all here to contribute to the transformation and the shift of the ages.

It can not be ignored any more. Our collective & individual karma wants to be unraveled and transformed, and is thus coming to surface. We are all, individually and collectively, being presented and invited into situations where we have the opportunity to literally annihilate negativity, simply by not participating in its game. By turning the other cheek and/or giving as much love & truth as we can to the world, while being willing to be crucified for it.

By not fearing and avoiding this negative energy, allowing it to come to us, without playing according to its rules, we can take that negativity inside our hearts and annihilate it through forgiveness & unconditional love.

The tricky part is that the better we are at doing this; the more it will come at us. And thus;  the less comfortable but more content our lives will get; at least for a while, until the new born reality on earth is steadily rooted.

This can only happen with the notion of the immortal nature of everlasting Life.  NewEarthSprouting

This does not mean that we should allow our self to be dominated by the negativity and let it rule over us; On the contrary; we need to be Love and thus take a stand for truth; but we have to do it with presence and love. Not violence and hate.

By knowing that death is nothing but a transformation and thus having the trust that no matter what happens; there is always resurrection; we are able to Be The Life.

This was the message of Christ-, Buddha-, Krishna-, Mithra-, Hallaj, Zarathustra and a countless number of other mystics and paradigm shifters.

So again, and in essence, resurrection is not just a superstitious religious story written in the bible, its a real phenomenon that happens all the time in nature!


Yeah, piece of cake, forgiveness sounds great, beautiful and almost easy on an intellectual level.

But when we are pulled in to the drama and the experience of it, it is not as pretty and glittery as one may imagine it, on the contrary; its painful, heartbreaking and very much draining.

And most of all, its very easy to fail and to get pulled into the drama. This has happened to me on many occasions.

The negative drama is very real, unpleasant and always feels like its designed to pull you right in. But with enough presence; we can do it.  We can be calm and find the eye of the storm.

And when we succeed to not respond hate with hate, darkness with darkness, no matter what happens; resurrection is always around the corner.

So if this is your experience right now, my heart goes out to you. Know that you are not alone in this. Just by knowing that we are not alone and in this drama that is going on, we can bring this notion into light.  Out of the subconscious realm and into the conscious realm, and that way increase our trust and courage to actively engage with this negative energy and the unraveling of our individual and collective karma that is taking place.

From my heart yours, stay strong fellows, the resurrection of humanity is upon us.

– Mehdi Nodehi 

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