The Return to Full Consciousness


For years now we’ve been hearing about an event that will bring about humanity’s return to full consciousness.  Are we not already fully conscious beings?  What are we returning to?  And when was part of it lost?

It all sounds very confusing to many and especially to those who are not yet awakened.  But believe it or not the answers are very simple.

Being fully conscious is our natural state as One with God and One with all throughout the universe.  This was basically lost the moment of separation from God and our incarnation into this world.  When we become fully conscious once again we will return to having this knowledge and understanding that we are all One with each other and One with God.  This will bring about the overwhelming feelings of unconditional love and being alive and awake in “Reality”.  Our present world we are living in now will appear to be nothing but a dream or an illusion once we’re fully awake.

So many throughout the world right now have incarnated here specifically to help bring about our return to full consciousness.  Many are educating those throughout the world that it’s time to wake up and get prepared.  Once humanity reaches that critical point, or the “100th monkey” effect is reached, we will see that we are all connected through our consciousness and this tipping point will change our destiny forever.

There has been scientific proof that our consciousness is connected and COBRA has recently posted an article to that effect you can read about here:

Global meditation practices have become powerful in helping to obtain that critical mass we need to help usher in “The Event”.  Also global mass protests and portal activations are playing a huge role in this change.  And many believe “The Event” will be the beginning of our return to full consciousness.

And I believe that is exactly what COBRA is referring to in the final words of this article.

“We are entering a very interesting period in a few days. Let me conclude by making a hint that mass arrest scenario is not the only aspect of the plan to remove the Cabal from power. 
Victory of the Light is near!”
So it may not take mass arrests to remove the Cabal.  Can our consciousness somehow end their reign once we’ve reached the critical mass?  I believe the answer is yes.  Once enough people know how the game is played nobody will want to play anymore.  Would you continue playing a game of poker if you knew the cards and the game itself was rigged?
So what does this mean exactly?  It means that humanity will see the man behind the curtain and call him out.  If one person out of 1,000 knows there is only a man behind the curtain and not a great and powerful wizard nobody will pay him much attention.  But if 500 find this out they will demand the curtain to be opened to reveal this truth.
So you see it’s really very simple.  We continue as a planet to awaken at an alarming speed.  More and more each day are beginning to remember why it is they incarnated here and what their Divine Role is in helping to bring us back to full consciousness.  And that is simply our natural state of being as we will realize our Oneness with God and all throughout this vast universe.
Our spiritual journey does not stop here.  It will continue on through multiple dimensions and planes of existence as our soul eventually find its way back to God.  We are meant to learn from each experience in each of these journeys.  I’ve read that we are now in what many call the 3rd dimension where the density is so thick many angelics and higher dimensional beings cannot appear here in regular form.  We are here to learn from this experience of separation or “duality”.
I believe we are in the most difficult part of our soul’s journey right here and now in this 3rd dimensional existence.  But I also believe this part of our journey is about to end.  And we are about to experience so many wonderful and beautiful changes throughout the planet.  These are indeed very exciting times and I look forward to the days to come with tremendous hope for what lies ahead. 
May you be blessed in this day and all the days ahead!

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