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The fundamental use of the Egg shape in design is the most accurate method of “RIVER AND OCEAN RESTORATION”. Furthermore, the eloquent form allows a harmonious flow of Vortical and Ventricular motions simultaneously, that result in reestablishing the Conscious-Crystalline structure of its living essence.cosmic_egg_schauberger_811x1192 images (66)These natural gradients can also provide storage containment usages for a more free flowing treatment, which brings about health and vitality to all that consume this Vital Water.069All is Vibration within spirit and material form and Water responds very well to Harmonious vibrational intentions. However, a lack of Loving treatment or exposure to negative words, actions or symbols will thus damage the eloquent form that the Vital Water inherited initially.

Burning reality

Are you a rubbish producer? Do you shop at your local supermarket, purchasing packaged foods and many other junk piles?

Our disposable life styles have caused huge genocide towards our precious wildlife.  Isn’t it time to wake up and take responsibility for our actions, and our rubbish?

Do we even think about where the items, we lightheartedly throw into the trash actually end up? Or do we believe that its the governments problem to fix things??

The time has arrived for each human to get up and realize that, we are the ones responsible for the state of our world and that we need to act now, in order to repair the damage we and the generations before us, have caused.

The piles of rubbish that we produce every day and disregard in an absent minded manner, float away in the rivers and end up in the ocean’s currents.  These currents spread it all over the planet, and animals end up entangled in it, or worse consuming it like the wind.  Plastic bags in the water, look similar to jelly fish and can break down to similar diameters as phytoplankton, therefor they are ingested by fish and other animals that consume them too, including birds that chock and die suffering.  It is not only marine animals that are suffering this dilemma but also the animals dependent on the rivers.  All of the wildlife is affected by our throw away culture.

We request that you heal the world, by becoming aware of  your careless behavior and making changes in the way you live, by living out your everyday lives. With sustainably and responsibly we can make a difference.  Think before you buy, live in hearts…  This is our world but when its gone, what will we have then?

Watch the videos and see the damage our footprints leave on this planet


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