Sacha Stone: 60sec video segments

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the videos will automatically play in order.

to view the videos in a different order click the icon of the desired part you wish to see.


sacha stone explains in less than 2 minutes:
Part 1 ~ how the ‘new earth’ applies to the ‘old world’…
Part 2 ~ how the ‘here and now’ is the perfect gateway to transmuting the status quo…
Part 3 ~ how zero-point (or crossing the rubicon) is attainable only through self-actuation and group-awakening…
Part 4 ~ dismantles the myth of ‘them and us’…
Part 5 ~ fractality and atomic synthesis as unified expression of a ‘supra-soul’….
Part 6 ~ why breaking ‘into’ the matrix – is what we ought to be doing

Parts 7 – 14 ~ release and descriptions coming soon…. 




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