Sacha Stone: Beyond Time, Money & Fear

“It is more than a better world, it is a better state of being, it is a higher state of consciousness whilst we are in our third density field of expression, whilst we are inhabiting bodies and living in a physical plane.  This is not our ultimate birthright.  We are here to play, and to create in form, and to enjoy this process, to find bliss and serendipity in this process.  We are not here to be butchered and bastardized by little grey men, technocrats and bureaucrats, and people who govern their own lives by fear, time and money.  This is a trap that many of us have fallen into, but we can just as easily withdraw from this trap.”

New Earth Founder Sacha Stone is interviewed by CNW TV in Belgium.  This short (graphically animated) interview outlines our current paradigm while expanding on the New Earth vision and it’s zero-point dimension.  Please SHARE this widely and join the rising chorus of sovereignty and consciousness-in-action.



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