Sacred Place of Peace


Written by Sheri Bessi

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“You would never fully understand the sensation of resting in that sacred place of peace if you didn’t also feel the tossing about of chaos.”

“If you take the time to explore yourself, to listen to your spirit, and to walk among the many less frequented paths within your mind, I am sure you would be amazed at what you discover.” – Sheri S. Bessi

Dear Human,

Out there are a lot of things that would like to affect your in here; that sacred place of peace that resides within your being.

Out there can seem scary, hard, perplexing and often quite infuriating. Interacting with people that think differently than you might feel threatening. Going to work and being scrutinized is never any fun. Raising perfect little Buddha children is a task far more difficult than you ever imagined. Falling in love and out of love hurts so much you think your heart is literally going to break because of pain. But life never promised you a rose garden did it? No one ever said, “Listen here precious you. You are going to get to eat candy, drink soda and go to movies every day for the rest of your life. Isn’t that great? All day long you will play in the sunshine and swim in the ocean. You will go on adventures through rain forests and build castles in the sand. And every night you will come back to your tree house and lay under the stars and watch the universe. What an exciting and perfect life you are going to live.”

It sounds beautiful doesn’t it? And personally I am convinced that somewhere this form of existence exists. But not here in the corridor of time. Not here in the form of humanity learning to evolve with the earth it lives upon. Not here where the world one day will cease to exist and perhaps the human form too. No, not here.

Here on earth, life dances to change every day, birthing new lessons consisting of confusing and even painful new steps. With every forward movement of the universe, you too are required to move forward. It is out there, in that dance with the up and downs of life, that you forget. You forget that every moment that you live, you are filming the best movie you will ever watch. You forget that your tears are the most beautiful water you will ever swim in. You forget that the labor of your hands and heart are the best sand castles you will ever build. You forget that in the dance with the obstacles of life, you are walking through the most beautiful, misty, and veiled rainforest that has ever been explored. Because if you remembered this you would find that inside you is your treehouse. Inside you is the sanctuary of peace that you get to build up higher and higher into the heavens. You forget to remember that the stars and the universe are what you are made of, and to be amazed by the brilliance of your own shining light.

But it’s okay. You’re okay. You just needed a little reminder.

Life isn’t supposed to be perfect or easy, is it? It isn’t meant to be filled solely with goodness and beauty. If it were it would lose its value to you. You would miss out on the depth of meaning that joy and happiness give you. You would never fully understand the sensation of resting in that sacred place of peace if you didn’t also feel the tossing about of chaos.

You are a beautiful being carrying a deep and abiding strength and wisdom in you at all times. You are as spectacular as any wonder of the universe. You are grander than the Grand Canyon, more mystical than Stone Henge, and more mysterious than the Pyramids of Egypt. You are the magnificent and magical human. Remember that none of this ever leaves you. It only gets lost in the fog of your perception of “out there”.




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