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Compiled by the School of Consciousness & Spirituality faculty, staff and aligned fellows at the NewEarth University, a new-paradigm learning initiative of the NewEarth Project

empowering humanity to realize its true nature

while supporting the emergent culture of oneness as the cornerstone of a new interpersonal ethic


NEU’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality articulates the core, empowering energetic source-code for living in peace from the zero-point of the heart.  C & S School is comprised of two key disciplines: Spirituality and Conscious Practice.  Its organically evolving foundational resources, courses, and programs provide an interactive web of inspiration, compassion, and life-changing content.

We believe in a clear, coherent vision for a new earth: a spiritual worldview based on interconnection and Oneness, which embraces reality as pure-truth.  This is the basis for social transformation – our cultural, economic, ecological and energy systems – creating a new life for all.  Thus, our core purpose is empowering the realizations of:

  • Love as the basis of all relationship
  • An awakening to our true nature as one with Source: our non-separateness from the entire cosmos as the natural and simple birthright of every human being
  • The embodiment of awakening in pure integrity, love, and wisdom as the basis for its authenticity
  • Transcendence and transfigured integration with all-encompassing inclusion
  • The empowerment of all beings into the realization of their unique expression of Source
  • The balance and integration of sacred feminine and divine masculine principles
  • The sacred call for humanity to become a conscious participant in the cosmic evolutionary process
  • Awakened activism as the right expression of service to the world
  • The recognition of the Earth as intrinsically sacred


  • To continue developing an all-inclusive framework for interspirituality — a truly universal spirituality that integrates the perspectives of all sacred and spiritual traditions and lineages, as well as secular and agnostic perspectives
  • To create curriculum, develop programs and share practices to maintain an awakened collective consciousness of all.
  • To gather resources and develop eCourses which illuminate sovereign spirituality.
  • Explore the intersection between the healing arts, psychology, spirituality and the sacred, in the articulation of what it means for human beings to unfold every dimension of their full potential.
  • Establish core centers for awakening, evolution, embodiment, awakened activism and earth-stewardship in every New Earth Community.
  • Ongoing toolkit development to support all individuals and New Earth Communities in assisting the cultivation of self-realization.
  • To inform, create, and participate in collective awakening practices online and on-site at New Earth University campuses.
  • To facilitate online discussions and events on the balancing of the sacred masculine and feminine.

Discipline of Conscious Practice


Within NEU’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality is the key discipline of Conscious Practice, in which our faculty and associated fellows explore, practice, and share wisdom-knowledge of various methods and ways that bring humanity to a deeper state of consciousness.

We know that doing comes from the sacred ground of being, therefore any conscious practice that we engage in arises directly from Source.


  • To help maintain the energetic source-code of NEU and the entire NewEarth Community through daily conscious practice in alignment with the New Earth ethos.
  • To create cutting-edge course curriculum in an array of conscious practices.
  • Organically develop an all-inclusive global consciousness council.
  • Provide a practice framework and network for New Earthers in which they may practice together using various modalities like meditation, contemplation, shadow-work, movement, etc.
  • Create and share a comprehensive toolkit of practices to expand vistas of consciousness.
  • Research, explore, and share a plethora of conscious practices to embed within the NEU Library.
  • Continue aligning and collaborating with exemplary individuals practicing in the field of transformational consciousness.

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Discipline of Spirituality


Within NEU’s School of Consciousness & Spirituality is the core discipline of Spirituality, in which our faculty and associated fellows research and explore – from depths-of-the-heart – this vast transformative subject.  They share wisdom-knowledge gleaned through a pure-truth filter of the six main pillars of new earth spirituality.


  • To help maintain the energetic source-code of NEU and the entire NewEarth Community.
  • To create cutting-edge course curricula and inspiring programs in the areas of Interspirituality, Soul-Sovereignty, and Transformational Consciousness, etc.
  • Organically develop, in tandem with other NEU faculty and NewEarth members, an all-inclusive global consciousness community.
  • Provide an interspiritual framework and network to support and honor all traditions.
  • Research and share spirituality-related resources to embed within the NEU Library.
  • Continue aligning and collaborating with exemplary individuals and groups from all spiritual traditions.

Excerpted from pages of the NewEarth University portal.

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