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Compiled (2018) by the School of Health & Wellness faculty, staff and fellows at the NewEarth University, a new-paradigm learning initiative of the NewEarth Project

NEU’s School of Health & Wellness is affirming the healing art of living well

by honoring our magnificent natural sovereign design

as an integrated Spirit and body-mind



the school of health & wellness was created to:

  • Lead humanity to consciously remember their civilized state of vibrant health & wellbeing
  • Empower all to transcend modern illness, restoring strength, vitality, and the beauty of natural being
  • Research and share resources while developing course curriculum and toolkits for embodying sovereign health & wellbeing

Aligned with NewEarth Project’s ethos, the philosophy of NEU’s School of Health & Wellness is simply based on life’s original, immutable, natural laws.  We believe a move towards Oneness – or unity consciousness – must be a deliberate movement toward the essence of natural living in harmony with all creation.  At the core, this begins with conscious conception and conscious birth, therefore the School is comprised of two key disciplines: Conscious Birth & Dying and Wellness Sovereignty.



NEU’s School of Health & Wellness brings together a network of visionary and pioneering practitioners and related alliances – all serving to advance consciousness through optimal wellness and sovereignty by fulfilling these healthy objectives:

  • Create and implement Health & Wellness curricula
  • Ongoing development of Health & Wellness Web TV shows with topics of: conscious conception, birth & death, holistic indigenous medicines, complimentary medicine, homeopathy, nutrition, organic food, ayurveda, the cancer pandemic, immunization, wellness retreats, etc.
  • Present a Pure-Truth Symposium: Health & Wellness Sovereignty (2019)
  • Expose The Cancer Pandemic, dispelling myths while promoting solutions
  • Develop Health & Wellness research facilities and healing centers for NewEarth Communities
  • Support the NE Project worldwide to develop state-of-the-art retreats with master healing-artists
  • Provide the NEU Library with current research resources in all related areas of Health & Wellness with articulations in: holistic modalities & therapies; nature’s remedies; degenerative conditions/ cleansing & detox; state-of-the-art nutrition; spirit/body-mind (mindfulness, fitness, movement, yogas, martial arts, etc.)


Discipline of Conscious Birth & Dying

Conscious conception, pregnancy, birth, and dying are essential arts, crucial to the transformation into a new earth


We, the NEU faculty members and associate fellows of Conscious Birth & Dying, understand that a truly civilized world offers the greatest respect and care to all people at the beginning—and at the end—of their life.

If humankind is to fulfill its greatest potential, the conscious welcoming of souls into our world must become our most urgent and focused art; and a dignified, peaceful death cradled in an environment conducive to spiritual retreat and resonant with nature, supported by conscious loving careers, family and friends, must become a most aspirational tenet of society.

Throughout history, we have experienced a dismal, ubiquitous and domineering status quo where the most sacred aspects of the human journey – from conception through to death – have been hijacked by entities whose primary motivation has been greed, control, and the harvesting of human energy.  It is crucial that we now cease to permit this energetic vampirism.

The purpose of Conscious Birth & Dying within NewEarth University’s School of Health & Wellness is to explore and facilitate conception, pregnancy, birth, and dying as conscious arts – developing and fostering best practice and customs that ensure optimal care, nurturance, and respect to each human being during their transition through these seminal gateways of the human journey.  We offer integrated psycho, social, emotional, and spiritual support to mother-baby and to those who are at the end of their life.

Death is a transition as certain, as intense, and as beautiful as birth. Long shrouded in fear and conditioning, we have hidden our eyes and those of our loved ones, from death. In doing so, we inadvertently squander the possibility for transformative conversations, for a more gentle walk through bereavement and for experiencing the grace and beauty surrounding the death process.


  • To disseminate information about conception, pregnancy, birth, and dying – promoting these as conscious arts.
  • Bring humanity to a true civilized state of being by tangibly respecting the optimal foundational aspects of conception, pregnancy, birth, and death.
  • Encourage men and women to reclaim and embrace their inherent power as mothers and fathers.
  • Integrate modern scientific knowledge with ancient, traditional wisdoms based on individualized care rather than standardized care to fully allow for optimal birthing and dying practices.
  • Recognize that mother and baby are one (mother-baby) – and cannot be separated in any way – incorporating optimal human development practices for mother-baby during the critical developmental period of pre-conception, conception, pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and post partum-care up to age 6 as one integrated process.
  • Devise projects in which the mother-baby relationship is deeply protected and supported by the community.
  • Bring an understanding that every woman has the right to choose both her place of birth and who will attend her. Mother and baby do best in an environment respectful of the physiology of birth.
  • Raise awareness that everyone has the right to choose their place of death and who will attend them during the process.
  • Share the understanding that death is a transition to be made and not an end in itself, thereby making it very important to respect and honor the individual’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs.
  • Share the importance of obtaining understanding and insights into the unique experience of each individual making his/her transition in death as well as into the experience of their loved ones.


Discipline of Wellness Sovereignty

wellness sovereignty as the zero-point


Wellness Sovereignty is a declaration of intent to live, resonate, and intone the principles of Natural Law, which rests at the zero-point of each individual, community, and local environment.  The zero-point is the center of any conscious being or system – the absolute primordial center of wholeness and balance from which all form and matter arises.

For wellness considerations, the zero-point arises and abides from a heart-centered awareness present in all creation, and which guides one to know what it takes to be whole and in balance with oneself and with nature.  It is a still, soft, yet powerful voice inside reminding you of choice – your inherent zero-point awareness is the basis for achieving wellness sovereignty.

NEU’s School of Health & Wellness is a global gathering of individuals keenly interested in co-creating and nurturing optimal wellness lifestyles as a sovereign condition based on this zero-point awareness.  As women and men of New Earth, we do so in accordance with the most advanced wellness philosophies, technologies, and states-of-consciousness.

Wellness is a whole-system umbrella covering every conceivable area of life, and holds space for every conceivable wellness modality that has been locally adapted, scientifically qualified and/or anecdotally proven effective.


  • Assist all to declare their Wellness Sovereignty and thereby change the heart and soul of healthcare.
  • Create and implement Wellness Sovereignty curriculum (complimentary and fee-based).
  • Research and provide cutting-edge wellness-related resources for all.
  • Continue to embed open-sourced content while developing a Wellness Sovereignty toolkit to help all entering the NE University portal.

Excerpted from pages of the NewEarth University portal.

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