“My Stage 4 Miracle”: An Alternative Liver Resurrection from Intensive Care

Written by Marco Ruggiero

We have discovered something that is truly revolutionary. I wish for you to see with your own eyes and I attach this heart-moving video by a former patient of mine who was healed of stage four cancer thanks to my protocol. He was given for dead 6 years ago because of metastasized colon cancer; he is now heading back to his home in Sydney to rejoin his family.

Since I know that you are on a mission to “change the world”, then please, please share this video with the largest possible audience so that innumerable suffering people can regain their hope.

The video is in the public domain and, therefore, you will not be infringing any law or regulation.

I do not know what your relationship with God is, or if you believe in some form of God or in Karma as I do, but if you hear Peter’s words, you will understand that this is something on a higher level than our limited human understanding.

Just as we thought that supernatural events only happened in some distant past, here, in our modern technological world, a deathbed was transformed into a resurrection bed and I agree with Peter that this is nothing short of a miracle; I feel that this is a miracle of the human mind that has been capable of discovering some of the secrets of nature so that nature itself can perform such “miracles”. Not arid science, but the human science that I think we all agree is where the world should go.

I apologize for this tone that makes me appear to be a US TV Preacher, but I cannot contain my joy in seeing the resurrection that you will be able to see in the video by Peter.

We have been given the gift of technology to communicate and I feel that we should use it to its greatest extent; to change the life of only one person at the time, as I have done so far, is no longer sufficient to repay our debt of gratitude to God, to Karma or to humanity itself because we are now able to change the lives of millions.

I count on your help to share these words of hope.




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