Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the Fittest! We must crush the competition! Do you subscribe to this notion? I believe there is healthy competition in sports. But in society?

If you had barely enough food for your children, but enough for them to survive, would you allow them to compete for the food letting the strongest survive while the other dies of starvation? Of course not. This is not acceptable so why is it acceptable in society? This idea supports separation and greed, and completely ignores love and compassion. This belief of “lack” is a false notion. “Lack” is formed in a “survival of the fittest” society because as it creates extreme wealth, it also creates extreme poverty. There needs to be more of a balance and that would eliminate the lack.



Even the leader of the Catholic Church Pope Francis has recently said the following about Capitalism:

“Pope Francis has taken aim at capitalism as “a new tyranny” and is urging world leaders to step up their efforts against poverty and inequality, saying “thou shall not kill” the economy. Francis calls on rich people to share their wealth.”

In a recent article it was stated that the wealthiest 85 people in the world hold the same amount of wealth as the poorest 3.5 billion people. .  In other words 85 people hold as much wealth as half the world.  This is an outrage.  I’m utterly amazed all the people of the planet are not demanding reform.

This “survival of the fittest” theory of evolution we as humans must disregard if we are to evolve and advance. It’s an actual evil notion. When you are competing for a job promotion it brings out the ugly in us. Cut throat. Do anything to get to the top. Squash the competition any way possible through lies and cheating.  Make up false rumors, harrassment etc..  I believe Capitalism as a free market was supposed to be the answer. But all it’s done is create extreme inequality. So what’s the answer? I think we need to end Capitalism and restructure the global economic ideology at its very roots.

You can see that the American small businesses cannot survive in the current model. The local hardware stores are gone and replaced by Lowes and Home Depot.  Walmart has replaced just about every small business throughout the United States.  And they’ve done so by creating slave laborers working in atrocious conditions overseas which allow them to charge less than all of the competition.

Instead of having humanity working for the betterment of the large banks and large corporations (or the 1%) we need to have everyone working for the betterment of humanity, with advancements and technological improvements used only for helping communities of the collective, the planet and the environment.  We are all working as slaves in our daily lives to allow those at the top of the pyramid to continue to acquire more wealth and maintain their roles as rulers of the planet. We need to replace profit which only filters up through to the 1% and bring about abundance and compassion to help the collective. We need to bring about balance and do away with extreme wealth which only creates extreme poverty.  We need to remove all debt, monetary systems, and laws that only benefit the 1%. We need to be free and truly sovereign. Only one law is needed.  Do unto others as you would do unto yourselves.

I think about the how the Native Americans lived and we could use that as one of the structures and models in implementing change throughout the planet. No money, no debt, no mortgage, and no extremes in wealth and poverty.  It was balanced. It was not based on squashing the competition. All worked for the betterment of their communities and the environment.

The notion of “survival of the fittest” has no place in society if we are all to live as one.  This notion has been used to brainwash the world into working only as slaves to line the pockets of the global elite.  I think it’s healthy in sports but has no other place in a world where we need to evolve in a direction of oneness and human compassion.  We need to pick people up when they are down and show them compassion, not finish them off and kicking them when they are down.  Let’s bring about this simple change in our daily lives and not teach this “survival of the fittest” notion to our children.  Instead teach them love and compassion and to help others that are not as fortunate.  




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