The Alchemical Synergy with Power Plants – Yasmín Rei-Kyo and Michael Sol

The New Earth is the School of Being-In-Integrity.All throughout our History, individuals, in our trying to adapt to “the system”, have created and developed, all kinds of distortions distracting us from Truth. But the Authentic-Being we are, with accuracy remembers its structure, its blueprint, its function.

To stimulate this Memory, the Memory of Who-We-Truly-Are is a vital key, and the synergy with the Plant Kingdom is one of the wonderful gates of reconnection: to connect with living beings in its plant form, to synthesize with the Spirit of different Master Plants from the respectful space of co-creation with them, in the same level, not with superiority pretensions, neither looking up at them; rather as a marriage, an alliance from complementarity in the natural action which comes from natural attraction, an appeal, a reciprocated seduction for mutual learning…

And all of this happens in the natural feeling of “it’s meant to be”, “how could it had been different?”; all comes about within the fragrance of recognition, as Sacred Plants offer us a multidimensional and multifaceted mirror…

This mirror has always been within, they only helped to unveil what was covered with a blurry mist that often became persistent: layers and more layers of forgetfulness after forgetfulness made us to get used to that state of confusion and sadly in most of the population to resigned to it as the “normal” way of being…


Sacred plants clean us inside, flowing through us to show us the ways of reconnection with our body-spirit, dissolving any barriers, all those frightening walls we built within ourselves, and between ourselves and the world. All the tricks our mind cleverly developed to raise and fortify those walls, come up to the light with the help of the pure mirror that Sacred Plants provide. For this reason they are also called “Power Plants”…; all plants have their own power, their magic, their goodness, their function, but there is a certain kind of plants which inhabit their own kingdom especially to make a bridge with Human Consciousness, which the rest of the plants ardently desire to also experience. All Creation enjoys to feel the interconnectedness of all things through the telepathic communion with Human Consciousness.

But in this Kali-Yuga age, many beings had to experience humans in their lower aspect of unconsciousness, destructive degradation and often, vehement devastation.

How can it be a devastation vehement???!!!

Despite the apparent persistence of humans in acting destructively, Authentic Consciousness will always find the ways to nourish Unity, forgiveness, and compassion. Even if unconsciousness insist in devastating, the Consciousness-Essence we are at the core, will always bring that “stuff” to the Fire of Transformation through Awareness and Love.

Power-Plants can provide this alchemical “oven”, but their use from unconsciousness, from sheer curiosity or eagerness to escape from an oppressive reality, or from an uncomfortable “oneself”, they can also act as amplifiers of our inner opposites, they can evidence the unbalance if taken without the safety net of a conscious intention or a well defined purpose.

The mirror then, exaggerates and can even distort the image of ourselves and the world as our own fear provokes that amount of tension. And there people can get trapped year after year as the “use” of this “Power Plant” became but attachment to a substance and its effects, turning it into a habit in which unconsciousness filters its grip.

The loss of connection with the Pure Spirit of the Plant while still “using it”, is like a marriage in which Love from Soul to Soul is forgotten, Real Love from Consciousness to Consciousness is lost… even if it seems sad, ultimately, there is no big deal; we had to experience and learn from that phase: in Truth, errors don’t exist: only illusion and forgetfulness: it’s simple, like a short-sighted person without glasses can not properly see; we are dis-adjusted from our proper place.

Retrieve the correct point of view and you will naturally see in the correct and clear way: and then, we see ourselves in our Beingness, and we also see the ways we used to escape from it.

Aren’t we outrageous, fellow humans?

Why this obsession, this insistence in escaping from One-Self? Why and…. what for, WHAT FOR?

It’s simple: it will be yourself who responds to that as you come to understand and discern between What-Is and What-Is-Not. It will be revealed to you! As you leave behind your “rebel”, as you dare to be loyal to yourself.

And then, in your “promissories” account (1) you will be able to register 24hours over 24hours! Because the New Earth is the Time in which you experience yourself from the Oneness You Are: what an abstract concept that seems!


from Oneself:


An Enlightened Visual Disturbance SOURCE: Infinite Perspectice by Stephen Kruse and Jade Amazon.



Not with a rational purpose, but with the sheer curiosity of the Inner Sight-> Yes! The eyes looking at themselves->at themselves… as a mirror in front of another mirror: only infinity is reflected.

Letting go of the measuring and comparing to dive in the beyond, the beyond deep in the Here in the Now, infinitely small, infinitely vast… and what it would happen when those mirrors have not edges?

The mirrored Consciousness is the Awareness of the Now, and the yielding to Be-Present requires the courage to “let go”.

Detachment is the Key. “Unifying” is the natural result.

The Synthesis of opposites is the way of the Alchemist, and it can only be realized from the Purity of Heart, from Purity of Intention, from the Clear Purpose to serve and only serve the Master Plan of our Soul.

The Servant and the Master are One and the Same, only the two faces of the same coin.

Without serving our Inner Master, we will never arrive anywhere, and without domesticating our Servant, I am afraid we will do neither!

It’s a fine inner work we have to engage in, and only the perseverance can conquer the space of relation of Oneself-In-Unity.

In the beginning we may experience but glimpses of this space, of this “state”, of this “degree” of beingness. But the glint of this discovery will guide our way in the hunger of returning to the Supreme Beauty of Being we experience when we are in Communion with Ourselves, Peace of Being which gives us the strength to carry on, showing clearly the next steps, allowing us to rest in the cuddle of the Love of God, as little baby-Jesuses or mischievous Gopalas shining again our Original Innocence.


The Innocence.

Distortion is but

what we’re not…
why to give it so much value?


Constantly refining our attention!!!

That is one of the main teachings of Mother Nature and her multiple facilitators of healing and expanded consciousness… to recognize ourselves as Living-Love, Love-In-Accion, as She Is!

And in this Light, isn’t it magnificent to re-encounter each other, dear Brothers, dear Sisters???!!!



(From Yasmín Rei-Kyo and Michael Sol, dedicated specialy to our beloved newearthers engaged in the magick in making this World a Real World and not a mere video game for experiencing duality)


(1) “Promissories”: currency for the newearthers. Our account grows with all the time we spend focusing in manifesting the New Earth.

Original article posted @ New Earth Institute


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