The Alchemy of Intention

Written by Billy O’Brien

Intention is defined as “a thing intended; an aim or plan”. Although it seems that intention is more powerful than a simple definition. It’s the integral element that makes matter respond to your deepest wishes and desires. It’s a simplified energy that manifests itself through matter. It’s alchemical and has the ability to manipulate the integrity of the goal. Intention can be viewed as a form of sorcery that is developed within, and released through physical execution. It’s a powerful feeling that can easily be hidden within words and action. The mass populace falls victim to this daily, whether through art, advertising, literature, or sales pitch – We never seem to look beyond the surface to view the root of it’s intention. Once you understand the root, you can understand the goal.

Think deeply about what you say, and how you say it. The tone of someone can speak volumes on the nature of the subject. Intention finds it’s way in conversation, compliments, and actions. There are elements which can be read, to fully understand why something has found you, and eventually affects you. Listen to the tone of the individual, because it’s very similar to cymatics. It’s scientifically proven that tone can affect matter, whether positive or negative.

We communicate these feelings, and whether we try to hide them within words or posture, we tend to reveal the truth through the energy we put out. Like a magician, you can try to hide the trick with movement or minor distractions, but to those that are aware of a trick being pulled, we can see right through the distraction.

By nature, human beings have wants and desires. Though, these have been manipulated through the programming of advertising and story telling to further consumerism. The capitalist society of America,  clouds our thoughts with product developments and advancements for a “better life” and luxury. Yet, we find ourselves inherently unhappy with these objects and achievements, because we’ve lost the integral understanding of what makes us happy.

Learn to Love, and use your heart to aim the intention, and ground it. If you over think it, you will only put yourself against your peers, and compare yourself to other people’s quality of life. That’s the inner dialogue we cloud ourselves with – you tend to want what other people have for that momentary happiness, but it’s all temporary. We need to let go of those impulses and desires, and manifest things that will have a long term effect on the global quality of life.

The world is a beautiful place, and humanity is a very special element that will alter our landscapes to create this artificial environment we’ve been led to. We’ve poisoned the soil beneath our feet, in hopes to further ourselves individually. The intention was to make our singular lives better in the immediate moment, with no understanding of how this will affect generations to come. The future is the manifestation of our intentions in this moment. Let your heart guide you, and understand that we are all magicians, using language and movement to disguise ourselves. We all have the power within that will transcend our environment. Our intention is a powerful cadence that transmutes the matter around us. It’s not the objects of our affection that we must chase, but the intention we project.

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