The Big Picture: The ET Agenda

The study into the UFO phenomena can go into so very many different directions.  And if someone claims to be an expert in this field one has to question their credentials.  With no University degrees being earned, no real fact sheets or a historical “Bible” of Ufology so to speak, there is only ego and speculation of knowing what you happen to believe in is truth as opposed to others.  And with so many different areas of study your beliefs in these areas may be completely opposite of what another believes.

Depending what areas of research a person does, they may come to the conclusion that the ET agenda is either a dark agenda, a neutral stance, or they are good and here to save the world.  What I’ve been doing over the years is researching all fields of study to try and get my head around the big picture.  What’s really going on?  Are they simply abducting people for their own dark agendas?  Are they observing the human race the same way we go on safari and observe the animals of the wild?  Or can they actually be here to save us from nuclear annihilation and help shift the consciousness of humanity and try to bring peace on the planet?  I believe the answer to all of these questions is yes so I will explain.

You cannot possibly study only one aspect of the UFO and ET phenomena and come to the right conclusion of their agenda.  As a matter of fact even those that study just one aspect may come to completely opposite conclusions in that area of research. If you research abductions for example, you may think that they are using humans as lab rats.  While others studying abductions may feel they are genetically manipulating our DNA to help us evolve into better human beings.  So again there is no proof that can be provided and no right or wrong answer.  All we have are theories until galactic ships land world-wide and announce to the world why they are here.  And even if such an event occurs you will still have the fear factor and doubt and mistrust among many around the world.

So you see the fact that the governments have been covering up the truth has led to all kinds of wild conspiracy theories mostly based on rumors and speculation.  We only have historical artifacts, the braved hearted whistle blower testimonies, and first hand witnesses to go by to try and get a clear picture of the truth.  And even some of these testimonies are complete and utter nonsense.

What I’ve done is first looked at most of the evidence, disregarded what I felt was not true, and kept in the back of my mind certain things that may or may not be real.  Those are things that are questionable but need to be factored into the big picture so to speak.

So the evidence that has been presented can be found almost anywhere.  You must first look at the historical evidence that has been provided.  The show Ancient Aliens on H2 traces the history going back thousands of years.  Richard Dolan researched UFO’s from a historical perspective and his books are remarkable dating back from about 1941 to the present. And the testimonies at the Citizens Hearing on Disclosure from last year brings forth character witnesses and presents a good clear historical picture of the ET agenda.  So these are just examples of a few good sources of information on the subject that provide certain evidence and some theory based on a historical perspective.

Now as I mentioned there are many people that I just don’t find all that believable and their stories just seem to be way out there even for me.  Some are disinfo campaigns, some just want to be on TV, and others just may not be psychologically stable.  So I will just leave it at that and these stories and sources I simply disregard.   Although some of these may possibly be true, I have to follow my heart and intuition.

Now some of what I’ve been researching cannot possibly be confirmed and I’ll give you an example.  There are messages from galactic beings that come through certain people who are gifted with the ability to communicate with other beings through telepathy, or who can even channel ET communications.  I believe some of these types of communications are very real and you can read more about my views on the subject here .

So with these types of messages I look at what many of these sources are saying and what I’ve come to realize is that many of them are all saying the exact same thing.  In different forms and variations but the message is clear.  They are benevolent beings that are here to assist in humanity’s awakening and to help free us from the clutches of the dark forces.  I could go into much more detail but I’ll leave it at that for now.

So this brings me to the big picture.  Now this is my personal theory and again there is no right or wrong answer but I have a strong sense this could be as close to the truth as it gets. After taking all areas of research into account, what I believe is that humanity has had an extraterrestrial presence since our inception.  ETs may have even possibly had a hand in our creation and have since been manipulating our DNA to help us evolve into a more peaceful species to eventually take our right place in a galactic society and our future in the stars.  But at some point something went terribly wrong.

A dark presence arrived on the planet and took control of our world.  This basically brought the planet (Gaia) and all of the inhabitants into a lower 3rd dimension of duality, fear and separation.  We became slaves to a system of money and debt and worked our whole lives for the betterment of these malevolent beings. We have been stuck in this situation for thousands, if not millions of years.  That is why we live in a world of war and violence, poverty and suffering, lack and ignorance.

At the start of the atomic age a cry went out into the Universe by Gaia.  She called out for assistance with the hope that the Universe would respond to prevent our world and all of its inhabitants from self- destruction.  You can read more about the distress call here: .

So with the forces of darkness having a tight grip on our world and manipulating the leaders of Gaia behind the scenes the cry for help was heard.  The forces of Light and benevolent ET races began to arrive in the mid-20th century and are here.  Some higher beings from other worlds actually incarnated into the physical form to help awaken our world to the truth. A battle has been raging between the good and bad ETs for decades now.   And we are now on the threshold of victory for the Light forces or as Cobra likes to call the resistance movement.  The benevolent ET races are now working behind the scenes to help free humanity from this slavery system and shine the light on the dark agenda and reveal the truth to the world.

The way I see it if we did not receive any assistance we probably would have all been destroyed by now by nuclear annihilation.  Although there is a prime directive, or a non-interference universal law, I think some interference can be allowed to prevent the destruction of an entire planet.  Are there still dark forces at work here?  Yes but I believe their power is weak.  They are trying desperately to hold onto their power with the hopes of continuing their dark reign over humanity.

This all sounds like a wild and far out science fiction novel.  But if you study every aspect of the UFO and ET phenomena, it paints a very clear picture of what’s taking place.  This is only a brief synopsis of the big picture.  In simple terms the bad guys have been winning for eons but now the good guys have come to the rescue and are taking back control.  The bad guys did not follow the prime directive and have been directly interfering and manipulating our world since the beginning.  But the Calvary has arrived and we will now begin to see massive changes on our planet and taste true freedom.

As Cobra once stated back in 2012 in regards to Victory of the Light:

“Victory of the Light will happen with mathematical certainty. There is a law in hyperdimensional physics that is called syntropic inequation. It states that total entropy of the universe decreases with time because the universe is not a closed system. Actually decrease of entropy defines the time vector as always pointing from past into future. All this means that at a certain point in time total entropy of the universe decreases to a point which ensures absolute victory of the Light over all darkness.

This goes well beyond dualistic view of the universe we are so accustomed to here on Earth. It means that darkness is not needed to define Light and consciousness does not evolve by interactions with darkness but rather from pure joy of Being. It means absolute Light without shadow and happiness without suffering. This is the future for all of us.”

So in other words, we’ve been taught that we incarnated here to experience pain and suffering in duality as a part of our soul journey and we are supposed to learn from this and become more appreciative of living in a state of pure bliss in the higher realms.  Cobra is saying that is not true.  We are beings of love and light and should always experience life or existence in a state of pure bliss.  The darkness is not necessary.





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