The Cage

I read somewhere that the energies over the next few days would be pretty intense. I usually try not to be negative but these energies are kicking my arse. Having to work in the slavery matrix has been getting more and more difficult each day. Especially when you are working in a cubicle. The cubicle desk to me is no different than caging an animal. For most people this is thought to be cruel. So why is it normal for a person like myself to spend sometimes up to 15 hours a day sitting in a cube? It’s a flat out form of slavery and bondage to be forced to do this in order to pay the banks for the car that it takes to drive to work because you have to go to work to pay for a house that sits empty all day.

Many of us awakened hearts have been looking forward to the day where the debt slavery and money system crumbles. It seems that that day was to arrive “soon” for years now. And some days you just want to stay in bed at the thought of having to go to work in your cage to support your family. And especially when you know the system is rigged and there is a better way for the world to operate. Men and women do not belong sitting at a desk for all hours of the day. It’s simply unnatural. This in my opinion is no different than sitting in a prison cell all day.

Michael Tellinger’s message has got to get out to the masses if we want to experience any kind of real change. The creation of a system of money was simply to enslave the world for the benefit of those who hold and control the wealth. We must remove this system and replace it with Contributionism if we are to be free.

“This is a very important point that I need to stress. A move towards a world without money, is a giant step towards higher consciousness and a highway to enlightenment. UBUNTU Contributionism is a system for a new world of evolved and conscious beings that realise the importance of unity and equality.”

– Michael Tellinger

A world where we can remove money completely from society and contribute equally with our talents and work at doing something we enjoy to help move our communities and humanity forward is the way of the future. And the Ubuntu philosophy is that “if it’s not good for everyone, it’s no good at all.”

So I am hopeful that the day will come when I can wake up on a Monday morning and look forward to contributing to a community where we can all help each other and not be forced to sit in a chair in a cage all day. And where we can get outside and connect with nature every day. And by working with the New Earth Nation and having created this awareness blog I’m hoping the changes may come a little bit sooner.





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