The Consciousness and Spirituality Academy

The Consciousness and Spirituality Academy will serve as the central fulcrum for the vision and activities of the New Earth Nation, providing a coherent framework and active web of support for all the other academies as well as the greater community. We believe that creating a clear, coherent vision from the beginning is paramount — a spiritual worldview based on interconnection and Oneness, and how we can apply this to social transformation – our cultural, economic, ecological and energy systems — creating a new life on Earth.


We at the NEN are re-framing spirituality as a driving force for profound social change, not a means of transcending the world, either setting one’s sights on a distant Heaven, or dissolving back into formless eternal emptiness. Yes, there is a level of the Eternal, but it is not the only one that is “true” – all that exists is a dance of the Divine, in its evolving forms. This all-inclusive, dynamic truth is in fact the perennial truth at the core of the ancient mystic traditions, but today it needs vitally to be put into action, in more global, comprehensive form than ever was needed before. This means a radical re-framing of the role of spirituality today, restoring it to its true power to infuse the sacred into all aspects of our life and our world.


Many are aware today that we are in the throes of a great paradigm shift, the labour pains of a new birth, a new phase in evolution. What is needed is a re-visioning of our animating spiritual paradigm, a spiritual revolution on the scale of that of a Buddha, Christ or Sankara. This time, however, it will not be through the agency one great man, but the collective synergy of men and women together, because the resurgence of the feminine principle of interconnection, integration, is such an essential part of it.

It is clear that it is only through a profound transformation in consciousness that we can leverage the quantum leap needed to bring about a new sacred order of life on Earth. This is why the vision of the Consciousness and Spirituality Faculty is so central to the vision of the New Earth Nation as a whole, the unifying field of all its activities and outreach.


The six main points of the vision follow one from the other:


  1. Spirituality In Action
  2. Interconnection and Oneness
  3. Evolutionary Non-Duality
  4. Conscious Co-Creative Synergy
  5. Quantum Revolution From the Zero-Point Field
  6. Balancing and Unity of Feminine and Masculine



  1. Spirituality-in-Action


Spirit and matter have been too long divided, a split which has reflected itself at all levels of society. We are all united in Spirit, and need to begin to express that in the structures by which we live. This means that spirituality and social change have to go hand-in-hand. A spirituality that cannot bring about harmony and sustainability in society is impotent; and social activism without an authentic spiritual worldview behind it is also bound to burn out.

Spirituality and true social change have to go together, each coming from a vision of deep interconnectedness and Oneness, spiraling out from the non-dual core at the centre of existence, and expressing itself in all our social systems. When this connection is consciously made, we consciously co-create in evolution’s unfolding, in the Cosmos’ own expression of greater and greater Wholeness.

Just as spirit and matter have been divided in the current religious and social systems, so spiritual practitioners and social activists have tended, even today, to mistrust each other and go their separate ways. Yet it is becoming increasingly clear that, if we are to overcome the crises facing us, spiritual vision and social action need to come together, and we need a unifying paradigm to garner the power of each into a combined force for transformation. Only through this can we hope to achieve the radical, whole-systems shift that is called for.

The spiritual worldview of a society, whether conscious or not, is the animating force behind all its systems. It informs the ecological approaches, economic structures, all forms of social relations. When unconscious, or at a low level of consciousness, these tend to be divisive, systems expressing the aggression and violence of divisive ego-agendas based on separation and competition. When the worldview is a conscious one of interconnection and Oneness, experienced at the deepest core spiritual level, all the outer systems will likewise come into line with it, express it, like concentric circles unfolding from a coherent centre.

Our personal healing and re-balancing at the energetic and psychological levels is also an essential link in the integration between inner spiritual wisdom and outer global healing. This includes re-balancing the masculine and feminine qualities of consciousness within us, opening up the heart-brain connection, and exploring new processes of communication and collective presencing, which bring into co-creative synergy the gifts of creative individuation and the interconnective wisdom of the unified field.

It is this vision of conscious co-creation, with each other, the Earth and the Cosmos Itself, that is now becoming possible, emerging in the collective consciousness. For this we need to bring together a deep non-dual, universal spiritual worldview and action for evolutionary global transformation.


A new, exciting universal spirituality is emerging, concerned with applying the deep realization of interconnection and Oneness, found at the core of all mystical paths, to the way we live in the world. The aim of the New Earth Nation is to help catalyze this emergence — to articulate it, animate it and help put it into action –gathering and joining together with others inspired by the same spirit, in these intensely challenging but immensely fertile times.


  1. Interconnection and Oneness


We live in a unified web of life, an interconnected field of Consciousness, energy and matter. Our true nature is that Consciousness, the unified Source, from which everything else flows – the manifestation of this world, including our bodies and all that surrounds them; there is no actual boundary between “inner” and “outer”. This means that everything we do touches the whole Universe, and vice versa.


Today especially, when our mistaken sense of separation has driven us to a life of great fragmentation and conflict, we need to start living again from the Source which connects us all, invoking its unity, harmony and beauty into all levels of our being, our psyche and our society. This is the fundamental basis of the personal and global healing that is so much needed today, that will bring us home to our true Wholeness.


The spirit of interconnection and Oneness permeates the whole Cosmos; all of our outer systems, no less than our inner ones, need to reflect and embody this. The same core truth of interdependence and Oneness that exists at the spiritual level applies also to the material level, the bio-systems of our body, the eco-systems in which we live, as well as our social, energy and economic systems. Because it is the true nature of all that exists – that cuts across all divides – not only our spiritual worldview but our cultural, economic, ecological and energy structures all need to reflect the spirit of interconnection and Oneness if we are to live in a truly healthy global society.


  1. Evolutionary Non-Duality


Non-duality means that spirit and matter are one, and evolutionary non-duality means that our evolution today is calling us to apply that in the world. Spirituality itself has taken a quantum leap today, and is offering a radically new, integral, evolutionary perspective. The Eternal as Source remains the same, but we don’t just wait to get to heaven to join it, or at best dissolve back in its emptiness – we joyously co-create with it in its evolving expressions. We are no longer passive victims of either God’s wrath or evolution by chance, but active participants in the unfolding of the vast genius at the Source of Creation. This radically shifts the role of spirituality from offering ways out of this world, to helping us bring spirit’s unity into expression in the world, imbuing it with the sacred in all its dimensions.


Evolutionary non-duality is a new spiritual paradigm that can serve as a basis for critical social transformation, bringing together the depth of radical non-dual spirituality and its perennial wisdom, with the breadth of evolutionary spirituality and its transformative scope: the eternal and evolving faces of the Divine. We believe that the alchemy of these two great spiritual forces, vertical and horizontal, can exponentially accelerate the evolutionary spiral, generating the co-creative power to meet today’s global crises, and to thrive beyond them.

  1. 4. Conscious Co-Creative Synergy


Conscious co-creative synergy, which springs from evolutionary non-duality, is the dynamic expression of interconnection and Oneness in action. It is the dynamic interplay that interconnects the spiritual and social levels, aligning the Source of Creation with our own social creativity. It is not only serves as a conduit between the core of pure Consciousness and the material level of our being, but at the same time brings into play all the levels of our being in between.


Co-creative synergy occurs when we tune into the wisdom and guidance of the Source of Creation itself, in creative collaboration with others, to bring its primordial unity into expression at all levels of our being: spiritual, psychological and social, including our energy, economic and ecological systems. In co-creative synergy, the same magic of creation occurs as when musicians riff together to create beautiful music — we are guided by the unified, orchestrated field of energy vibrating through and between us.


And that music is the New Earth. There is a secret synchrony that emerges from an unseen field; we are dancing to a different drummer, a hidden Cosmic music revolutionizing our life on Earth.


This is the basis of what we could call a quantum co-creative revolution, the quantum evolutionary leap that is growing towards a critical mass today all over the Earth. This is a revolution unlike any other in history – from within to without. It is not based on opposition, or the imposition of one system on another — with shouting, ranting and raving — but the natural blossoming of co-creative unity from within, radiating from the creative genius, love and joy in our hearts.


  1. Non-Duality, The Zero-Point Field, and Solving Our Energy Crises: How We Can Re-Source Power from the Source of Creation Itself to Revolutionize Our World


Right now our energy systems — the level which, as we have seen, connects spirit and matter — has become a prime focus of our attention on the stage of today’s world crises. Our energy systems are running out, our sources of power rapidly depleting. At the same time, on a personal scale, many are apathetic or paralyzed, lacking the power or energy to do anything about it; our inner resources exhausted no less than the outer. It is fascinating how this level of energy and power, on both the personal and global scales, is where our old systems are failing — but also the missing link as to how we can radically re-invent them, igniting new sources of power.


This level is both the key to the crises, and also the solutions. In both cases, that of the personal as well as the global scale, the answer to our shortages of energy and power lies in the quantum field, the zero-point field where all energy and power rise from. We have to learn to access this in both cases, to plug again into our true Source of power to change things in the world; and, at the global material scale, into the zero-point field for new sources of power to run it. And these two are not separate, but intricately intertwined. It is through our vital connection with the zero-point, quantum field at the Source of Creation that we can most powerfully mobilize the energy needed to change ourselves and our world.


Co-creativity synergy draws its power from the zero-point field; it moves from the zero-point at the core of Creation to create an infinite possibility of new forms. The most complex creative connections are made when we are tuned into the zero-point Source, the core of Creation itself, where all is connected and thus all connections arise from.


The zero-point field has no circumference; it is the wide-open “O” of pure potential, which is infinitely expansive, open to vast constellations of infinite possibility. It is from the zero-point Source, like a bottomless spring of creation, that the New Earth will blossom.


  1. Balancing and Unity of Feminine and Masculine


As the basis for all of the above, the balancing and unity of feminine and masculine energies, perspectives and values is essential. The long-suppressed feminine values of caring, cooperation and communion need to come front and forward, to bring into balance the current pre-dominant masculine values and systems of our society. As the feminine is the origin of creation, it is at our extreme peril that we have neglected it, and today the Divine Mother is clearly course-correcting us. In a healthy feminine-masculine balance – both in each of us as individuals and the global society – the feminine values of receptivity to Source, a sensitivity to the creative emergent, and nurturing of the highest potentials in ourselves and others, would be supported by the masculine values of action, boldness and focus, to create a new life on Earth, which connects head and heart.


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