The Countdown Has Begun

A Beacon of Light Leading Us Out of the Darkness of Corruption

The ITNJ shines the light of Truth on fascism and tyranny creeping into our lives and taking over our world

When it is revealed that the courts are not following their own rules and procedures, and the known fraud of the hidden contracts is proven and then confirmed by a higher court, the entrenched systems of domination and control will be exposed for the entire world to see.  Unlawful precedents will be overturned and criminal corporations posing as governments will no longer be able to use their for-profit court systems to enforce rules and regulations that have no basis in Natural Law.  Then we will begin to see stunning changes sweep our world.

The International Tribunal for Natural Justice is an international court similar to the Nuremberg Tribunal, where government officials in Germany were tried for crimes against humanity.   It is written into the Treaty of the International Tribunal for Natural Justice that neither corporate immunity, nor colour of right, can indemnify a natural person for harm caused to another.  And it is written into the Constitution of the ITNJ that the ITNJ has universal jurisdiction, recognizing no borders against justice.  The ITNJ therefore stands positioned to hear cases against the living men and women responsible for the worst crimes and atrocities of our day, regardless of nation, office, rank, or nobility.

Tune into the recording of this riveting live symposium highlighting the emergence of our historic initiative where ‘We the people’ of the world – restore Justice & Rule of Law.

The ITNJ belongs to the People and is not controlled by any nation, state, corporation, or ‘special interests’.  The ITNJ now stands as sentinel and protectorate for all people of the world, and we invite you to stand strong with us.  The ITNJ may accept contributions from any source, but the ITNJ will not accept contributions that come with strings attached.

The ITNJ does not rely on any sources except the People – please consider making a monthly contribution.  Become a founding advocate and plant the seed which will ultimately sow the freedom of our new paradigm.  We offer our deepest gratitude for your contribution and support.

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