The Element of Youth

The single most exciting time in history so far, here we stand on the shoulders of giants, a cumulative collection of young people answering the call of the soul, the call to action. Each journey unique to the individual, each view-point critical to the consequence, each perspective welcomed and nurtured in this safe space of expression, introspection and outrospective study.

The Awakening

The moment of awakening has arrived on Earth, an awakening to the universality of Love itself, an awakening to the all-sustaining paradise that rests beneath our feet. The New Earth Nation Youth Council (NENYC), is a collaboration of young, inspired pioneers from across the globe, whose powerful intent is set on manifesting this new and exciting era of abundance in the Now.

 Awakening from the mirage of duality, we open our eyes to the serene Oneness of All that is present everywhere One looks. In this state, we envision the Utopia that is now available to all on Earth, which beckons itself into fruition from within the Heart imaginations of us all.

To One Where All Beings Awaken

The task of this Youth Council is to channel thoughts and actions through the heart and infuse the Light from our highest visions. Each working from the realm of our individual expertise, we unite to supercharge this revolutionary project to heights beyond known recorded experience. 

It is a task we are ecstatically enthused to be involved with. There is no better contribution to this magnificent realm than to usher in the immeasurable Grace of Divine Creativity jointly owned by the Worlds populace, thus allowing the free sovereign expression of All life on this Sacred Planet. We find ourselves moving into alignment with the wave of enlightenment that is currently sweeping the Planet, we stand upon the event horizon in anticipation we inhale; with gratitude, faith and courage, we leap into the arms of the cosmological landscape, we bring the Golden Age.

The NENYC provides an atmosphere ingeniously designed for the very purpose of exploring the intrinsic energy of creative expression that all humans so naturally wish to share. Nurturing this intuitive expression of the human psyche develops, unlocks and accelerates individual and collective evolution.

In this way, culture will experience a shift in the modality of entertainment, from one of absorbing the creative expression of a few (celebrity focused society) to one where All Beings awaken to realise and release their own inner Light of creativity and purpose. 

 By engaging in this shift, we begin radiating with inner sacred aliveness for All to benefit from and synergise with, producing a collective vibrancy of Heavenly proportions.

Journal-Glenn-Louis-Parker-Spiritual-AwakeningEvery last atom affects the entirety, the one is the all. As one person progresses everything else does. Ubuntu. The youth of this time and space is privileged to bring fourth the change that is demanded, if the direction we wish to pursue is the one towards a Utopic New Earth. As we each consciously cultivate inner peace, the propulsion that ascends humanity into a new era of constructive, harmonious unity is guaranteed.

Age Vs Action

The ‘authoritive teacher’ archetypes borne through Education, Industry and Control that have scolded, guided, educated, loved, corralled and misunderstood us into our current system, must fall and be re-created. Fashioned from the understanding and wisdom of the soul, inner knowing springs forth from the alter of communion.  Age is not an indication of wisdom, the paradigm of authority is folding back in on itself as youth leaders emerge holding the flame of love and intuitive action from a place of compassion and service, grounded in their introspectively acquired personal power. The nurturing of such light is imperative to forward and upward movement for our New Earth. This is not to say that age cannot equal wisdom, it simply allows for a broader acceptance of the source of wisdom.

In an ‘enlightened’ society there is no need for leaders, just the glimmering inspiration of the elements in tandem with the inherent fertility of the blossoming and malleable monad. As we take it upon ourselves as individuals of the collective wholeness to progress and mold the world that we co-creatively experience and evolve with.   As a precursory it is necessary to form leadership in order to integrate and evaluate the new paradigm and it is imperative the leadership however will turn into an autonomous nation through the precepts it instills.

The Changing of the Guard

NEYC facilitates the need for nurturing the vital force permeating from the youth and encouraging growth of this spirited energyroundtableknights through higher understanding. Allowing people to embrace life and express their full potential is the impetus of progression.  By bringing hearts together to change the world and honoring the integral affect each individuated conscious point has within the totality, we also raise self esteem and will power; the motivating forces of expressive creative activity . This time, these moments now are about real-izing sovereignty, for young and old, we are realizing that education can be self based and self regulated without fear. Living the expansive benefits of such choices and disciplines will attract attention and curiosity because of the inherent power it will exude. We are designing a whole new world of limitless opportunity where there is no requirement for a whole new set of rules or limitations. We are the future, and the future is now. Thus the siren calls to the hearts of the curious who enter their own inherent journey of sovereign expression.

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